Monday, April 27, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Homeland Security once again shows its inefficiency and lack of professionalism as well as lack of sensitivity to religion.

Homeland Security has listed evangelical Regent University as a hotbed for terrorists. Regent University?

There is no evidence given.

There is no hard data provided.

Homeland Security blithely slams this biblically based campus in league with those Islamics who want to level the Republic.

This is typical of the left-of-left B. H. Obama clique who want to destroy biblical moralists and the Christian heritage to America.

Because of this ridiculous and harmful move, American Civil Liberties Union has sided with Regent University per below:

“The American Civil Liberties Union has gone on the offensive, saying the report makes unwarranted assumptions based on race, religion and other demographic data and could have a chilling effect on Virginians' First Amendment rights.

“Caroline Fredrickson, director of the ACLU's Washington legislative office, cited the report in testimony last week before a Senate subcommittee in which she urged more congressional oversight of terrorism-related information gathering by law enforcement agencies.

“’What is clear is that these abusive intelligence reports do nothing to improve security,’ she said. ‘Sharing misleading information about the ideologies and activities of nonviolent groups only undermines public support for law enforcement.’”

All of this anti-evangelical agenda in DC surely does not secure security for this nation. It shows instead to real Muslim killers that DC has little control on what it is doing at the supposed “top.”

Genuine patriots need to be warned increasingly of the threat that DC levels against their very existence in this country.

DC promised “change” and “hope.” It is showing no concern for “hope.” Instead, the “change” is more and more a move to secularizing the society. DC is out to move our environment into an anti-God culture.

How many evangelicals continue to blindly support Obama?

How many biblically based moralists still stand alongside the Dems who control Congress?

These are the mob hysteriacs who put Obama and Company into power. These very enthusiasts are going to be crucified by the power play they ensconced in the White House.

Read “Report: Region may be hotbed for terrorist recruiting” by Bill Sizemore | The Virginian-Pilot at,0,5728226.story