Friday, March 20, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

B. H. Obama told vets they would have to pay via private insurance companies for medical help.

That was it—stark and cruel.

Obama, Marxist Muslim, actually was going to stick it to the veterans of this nation. He was going to force them into it. He wanted the money now going to vet meds to be siphoned off elsewhere.

Wave the flag, people. Wave that flag.

Is this imaginable? Yet it was going to be fact per despotism royal from the Oval Office. That’s the sensitivity or lack thereof of our new Head.

However, “riot” works. Thank God there are really some Americans who know how to riot for patriotism before we lose it down the proverbial drain.

Vet groups and Congresspersons with a genuine flag waving heart got hold of Obama. They told him in no uncertain terms to lay off the vets or else.

That’s called ‘riot’ in some quarters. This time Obama backed down and played nice. Hard to do, but he did it.

“President Barack Obama has decided to drop any consideration of billing veterans' private insurance companies for the treatment of combat-related injuries, the White House said Wednesday,” per Newsmax.

Now onto the next riot, folks. Onto the next riot.

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