Thursday, March 05, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

B. Hussein continues his blind eye in vision lack.

The Marxist Muslim who endorses killing womb babies and sodomy has stated boastfully that in his forum for overhauling US healthcare “every voice” will be heard.

Not so.

B. Hussein’s blind eye does not see the womb child. Therefore, he kills it.

He does not see the increase in AIDS/HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases due to active homosexuality. Therefore, he baptizes it as health wellness.

This is the unsaved brain at work on behalf of our nation. This is the head without divine revelation as President. This is the non-Christian working to establish a national ethic that is devil-based.

No wonder the times are crazy. They are overseen by the Oval Office gone decadent flip.

AP’s Liz Sidoti reports: “President Barack Obama pumped health care allies and skeptics alike for ways to overhaul the nation's costly and frustrating system Thursday and heard only applause and agreement when he told them there's ‘a clear consensus that the need for health care reform is here and now.’”

Those applauding are just a fraction of those who don’t heed, don’t read mob hysteriacs who shoved the inept Boy onto PA Avenue.

B. Hussein went on with not only blind eye madness but deaf ear plugs to screeching slain womb babies and anguishing adults suffering from AIDS because of sodomy license.

Listen to worldly wisdom from our White House: “’Every voice has to be heard. Every idea must be considered ... The status quo is the one option that is not on the table. Those who seek to block any reform at all, any reform at any cost, will not prevail this time around.’”

Let pro-lifers seek to broaden healthcare, not block it, by defending womb children and note what B. Hussein does to keep his word.

This Marxist Muslim is so bad. So bad.

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