Sunday, March 22, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

B. H. Obama is trying to tell evangelicals that he has hooked up with evangelical pastors for leadership counsel.

The main supposed evangelical person he noted is Jim Wallis of Sojourners magazine.

Wallis is not evangelical. He was brought up in the biblical faith, that is, what is now known as “evangelical.”

However, Wallis has gone over to the other side while trying to mask himself as biblically sound, evangelical, conservative and whatever tag is convenient to further his own ego.

Wallis is not going to provide Obama with biblically based counsel. He is going to waffle, just as Wallis has been doing for years now. But when Wallis finishes his waffle, he falls left.

The more the decades roll, the more Wallis moves to the left. The more Sojourners gets involved in social issues, the more Wallis is aligned with liberals while still trying to convince conservatives that he represents their positions.

Not so.

Therefore, be wary when Obama tells church-going folk who love the ‘old, old story of Jesus and His love’ for he does not know what he’s talking about. That is obvious from his anti-Bible ethic, his disdain for God’s moral base and his aggressive enthusiasm for apostasy.

If Obama keeps to that course, he will be right in line with Wallis and vice versa.

Now if the President truly wants to learn from evangelical counsel he can call on the likes of Franklin Graham. He can listen to the music of Bill Gaither. And he can pray with James Dobson.

That would really bring Obama into the light of Christ, the truth of Scripture and perhaps even a personal conversion via the Holy Spirit.

After all, Obama said that he came to Christ in Trinity United Church of Christ when going forward at an “altar call.” Evidently, that was the devil’s altar for it certainly did not bring about a turn-about as the Bible defines in being born again.

Obama is excellent at playing up to evangelicals. He staged gospel concerts throughout the South during his campaign. He spoke from some Protestant pulpits, appearing to be God-fearing. He quotes Scripture when convenient. He even used the word “God” in his inaugural address, following shortly thereafter with pro-abortion signing and pro-sodomy

Here’s another name Obama mentioned as pastoral counsel: Otis Moss, Jr. When Moss was queried about Obama’s doctrinal position, Moss said: “I would simply say that he is a person of great faith, and I think that faith has sustained him.”

So there you have it, a clergyman who applauds Marxist Muslim Obama’s “faith.”

Fill in the blanks.