Saturday, February 14, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Muslim Mansa Musa Muhummed dished out his own special “reign of terror” against his household so as to meet him seven life terms in prison, per David Kelly of the Los Angeles Times.

He starved the children. He beat them. He tortured his three wives.

During trial, he showed no regret.

“’Mr. Muhummed showed no remorse and accepted no responsibility for his twisted behavior, and the court is sending the strongest message possible,’ Riverside County Superior Court Judge F. Paul Dickerson III said.”

His torture handout continued for “decades.”

The news releases state his mistreatment of his family; but there was never any semblance of the traditional definition of “family.” It was the torture chamber created by an Allah devotee.

If the Koran bloody passages had two legs and a torso, it could be called “Mansa Musa Muhammed.”

He brought into this world 19 children, slicing and dicing them all in turn.

“’I’m very afraid of him, please don’t let him ever get out of jail,’ said Sharon Boddie, who was locked up in a dark garage and starved by her father. When police found her, she was 18 and weighed 48 pounds. ‘I still have nightmares about him,’ she told the judge. ‘Parents are supposed to protect their children, not abuse them.’”

The devil’s agent locked up his family in the house so that they could not get out. He would hang members from the ceiling, thrashing them, then forcing them to consume their own waste material and vomit.

He beat his children with boat oars, hoses and electric wires.

Eventually, one of the wives slipped a note about the hell’s canyon to a mailman who reported it to the authorities.

Police raided the madman’s dwelling, liberating the family.

“He denied any torture today, saying his children would someday regret accusing him.

“’I never tortured them, I don’t know where that came from,’ he said. ‘I still cheer for them and love them even if they hate me.’”