Friday, February 13, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

It’s the Philippines.

Christians and Muslims are getting along, even bannering peace between them.

This is an anomaly. For certain.

Per, fighting is going on in other parts of the country. But, though Moro Islamic Liberation Front decrees all the nation for Allah, a Muslim hamlet champions the opposite.

That village used to be bloody, used by Muslim killers to slaughter infidels. In fact, prior to 2000, no
Christian could enter Delabayan.

However, now Christians and Muslims shake hands, work together, teach their children to have high regard for one another, and even hire one another in various jobs.

“Something good came out of this for the residents of Delabayan. The Christian organization, Project I.S.L.A.M., acronym for I Sincerely Love All
Muslims, helped the Muslim villagers rebuild their houses and their lives.

“Pastor Lad is Project I.S.L.A.M.'s dedicated worker in Delabayan.”

The local minister concluded that Jesus taught His own to love, not hate, their enemies. Therefore, the pastor told his followers they were to activate the same. It was to be an actual love outreach in street language that Muslims could get hold of.

It worked.

“’Our desire is to help the Muslims, to reach out to them in love and by doing so bring reconciliation between the Christians and the Muslims,’ he said.

“A few months ago, nearby villages were being evacuated because of heavy fighting between the military and MILF rebels in their area.

“That's when a special bond between the Christians and the Muslims.

“’We valued our Christian brothers coming here in the tension brought about by the atrocities by the MILF telling me the Christian community are praying for us,’ Sultan Kamlon Moner said. ‘Also, the Muslims here were praying for our Christian brothers.’”

This is indeed strange. It is God working, obviously, to example to others around the world who believe. It is having faith that the Holy Spirit can bless the Word of God, honor the biblical ethic of love toward everyone.

“Moner strongly believes that their children should be educated. This is why he is very grateful for the free college education that the youth in receive through Project I.S.L.A.M.”

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