Friday, February 27, 2009

Sean Hannity Forum Bans Me AGAIN : No Reason given

I love it, the so called "Conservative Forum" hits me again. The mujahadin love you for banning me. You must be proud when the mujahadin of youtube email me and laugh at your website for banning me.

I got news for ya' habibi.

Your website is the biggest joke on the net. You are not Conservatives, YOU ARE COWARDS.

Your admins are jellyfish. They have no spine, they have no COURAGE. You are the worst of the worst. You are people that claim that you are "Great Americans" but you are nothing. You are all cannon, and no balls.

Get it , got it , good. I made my point, and you could not deal with it. HITLER WOULD BE PROUD OF YOU. Silence those that have an opinion, when the other side can't argue it. Bottom line, I win. "Great Americans" , Marty died for freedom of speech, he stormed the beaches of Normandy. It seems the "Sean Hannity" forum only gives a damn about people who kiss their arse.

Not happening here, deal with it you cowards.