Tuesday, February 17, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

By Pakistan saying Yes to sharia in its northwest, it is saying Yes to Muslim slayers—the Taliban.

It is like Israel saying Yes to Hamas.

How can leaning toward the devil do any good for a ravaged people already fearing more of the same?

Sharia is the so-called legal and justice system based on the bloodletting Koran sections. For instance, a person accused of adultery is pitted in a hole up to the chin, his or her head bashed in by rocks, the sizes determined by the Koran. Villages participate and watch the carnage.

Sharia ties youths accused of stealing to village poles, their backs lashed into blood streams.

Sharia is demonic. It is the “law” of the satanic cult, Islam. It is hell come to Earth.

Already this part of Pakistan has suffered multitudinous beheadings, dwellings burnt to the ground, rapes and more. Now Islamic legalists demand the sharia enshrined there in order to appease the Taliban.

But the Taliban is not a politic. It is not a council. It is not a government. It is like Hamas—a Muslim murdering and maiming machine par excellence.

How can Pakistan make peace with such a hellish extension? What are the so-called authorities thinking when they recognize the Taliban as a dialogue-making entity?

Of course, there are those in Britain and in European environs proposing the sharia accepted there as legal in order to reach out to legalistic Islamics demanding “their own system.”

This shows the insanity some societal pockets have come to in the rush to build peace bridges with troubling making Allah devotees.

Those into civility know that all this will not work for the betterment of culture; instead it is an invitation from the weak for ultimately the demoniacs to take over.

Read “Islamic law to be imposed in parts of Pakistan” at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29207954/

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