Monday, February 02, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

They hog-tied them. They shot them. Then they hacked them to pieces with machetes, per AP.

This is part of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front plan to establish their own Islamic government in the Philippines. They detest Christians.

If it’s body by body, they’ll see it through. Blood flowing is part of the Muslim way of moving forward. The Koran’s bloodletting sections demand it for Allah is pleased.

These murderers are known throughout that country as “Muslim separatists.” They don’t like civility. They want the Koran-base for everybody everywhere.

Gold prospectors were simply going about their search on the Mindanao Island. Muslims attacked them, then over and out. One escaped to tell the horrific detail.

“’The miners were hog-tied before being shot and hacked with machetes,’ said Zamboanga city police chief Senior Superintendent Mario Yanga.”

It seems that Muslims worldwide maintain their silence in the face of continued carnage in the name of Allah. The non-Muslim citizenry has come to expect zip from the supposed peace Muslims. They just sit on their hands and wait till the adventurous Islamic warriors implant Islam World Rule. I suppose it takes those who wait as well as those who hatchet.

“The sole survivor, Mark Endino, said he and four relatives and friends were panning for gold near the town of Sibuco when they were tied up by armed men dressed in military fatigues and wearing Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) arms patches.

“Endino told police he managed to escape and was taken by local residents to hospital. Police went to the scene and found four bodies buried in a shallow grave.”

Either it’s Iran thug mug Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or island murderer wanderers who take it upon themselves to create a killing cult and name it a “religion.” But whatever, they do their best to serve their deity. After all, Allah must be happy or else.

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