Wednesday, February 11, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Because Muslim females are treated with less respect than dogs, there can hardly be expected love in a strict Muslim mindset. It is anathema to Allah’s hate ethic as set forth in the Koran. It’s contrary to the Muslim murderers global who see their lot in life to spread hate rather than love.

Therefore, when Valentine’s Day comes around once again this year, Muslim mouthpieces are hailing it as from Satan — period. It is demonic. It is from hell.

How very interesting that the very theological terms used by killing enthusiast Islamics are exactly what the Muslim religion is. Allah is Lucifer. The Koran has been penned in hell. And its ethic surely has no origin in the God of love but instead in the King of the Pit.

Have you not wondered why Muslims who despise America have for years consistently cried out that this nation is Satan? That’s because Satan wants the world not to know him as Satan. He wants the world to know him as deity, just as he has always wanted to be deity. Therefore, Satan has his disciples cry out "Satan" to that which is not Satan.

It was the same with Jesus. Satan’s disciples claimed Jesus was filled with Beelzebub, that He in fact was the Devil. So it’s an old game — calling the righteous Satan and negating Satan as truly Satan.

Therefore, this Valentine’s Day those believing in Allah, not realizing that they are adhering to the dictates of Satan, scream to the world that those falling in love, showing expressions of love, kissing in love, holding hands in love, exchanging Valentine cards and presents, are working the works of the Devil. They are vehement about this.

According to Dr. Walid Phares’ report: "Valentine’s Day Enrages Jihadists," a Muslim cleric has let the world know that "love is forbidden, love is infidel."

A Muslim scholar stated that "basic love is not permissible outside commitment to Jihad." Romantic expressions is "decadent."

How can true love be a part of a killing Muslim’s lifestyle when the female in the quotient is garbed from head to toe, beaten if showing her ankles, and if believed to be communicating with a non-Muslim is murdered to preserve the "honor" of the family?

How can females enter into a genuine, heart-felt love relationship with a male who could slice her through at any moment, or instigate his father or her brothers to slay her for what they consider dishonoring the household?

Therefore, in Afghanistan for example, "girls were severely punished for not being escorted by male relatives, or for not wearing burqas. Chatting with someone from the other gender was a crime. Movies, mixed-schools, radios, music, and poetry were banned. Valentine's Day in Kabul was equated to Satan."

And so the dark beat goes on and on within the Muslim culture:

Saudi Arabia: females cannot vote. They cannot get a driver’s license. Valentine’s Day is not only not celebrated; it is illegal. Muslim females cannot hold hands with boy friends.

Yet the "love guerillas" are waging the war for love, for expressions of romance. They are not going to bow down any longer to the demonic doctrines of the Koran. Instead, they are dodging the dictates in order to hold hands, speak love messages and show affection.

Liberated Afghanistan: transistor radios are airing romantic melodies. Youths are even kissing in public. It’s known as kiss-and-run so as to miss the militia who would nail them for committing sacrilege.

Kuwait: "Tactics are evolving. In this oil-rich state, young Arabs buy two cell phones, and as they see the beloved driving by, they throw one of the mobiles in her car; then the telephonic romance can begin."
West Jerusalem: liberated Muslim Palestinians stroll hand in hand up and down the avenues.

Egypt: soap operas are popular.

Internet: Arabic love melodies are played and music chat rooms are filled with those seeking romance. Interestingly enough, decadence is not popular in those chat rooms; instead it’s a sincere attempt to connect in love.

Lebanon: Saudi males sing out the beauty of mortal’s love for mortal. Jihadists are enraged.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all who are in love and want to be in love, including Muslims yet enslaved. Cheers to those who wage the war against hate, determined to find love.