Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blogger says I'm for "universal intolerance" : cios246

This is a response from this person reading an article from Pastor Swank

Why get mad at me or Pastor Swank for REPORTING THE NEWS, and not mad as hell against the Muslim that SAWED OFF HIS EX WIFE'S HEAD ? I am intolerant, against people that like to cut some ones head off. What is the problem? This is not a "Shock site" it is simple reality. The only reason you are shocked, is because you live in a bubble of comfort and refuse (By your own words ) "I wouldn’t dare google for fear of what I would be exposed to..."

DEAL WITH REALITY. It will make you a better person. YOU are the ignorant one, for not seeking out reality. I give you reality, Pastor Swank gives you reality, Bosch Fawstin gives you reality. It's a bitter pill, good medicine usually is. Cios246, you take care, the bitter pill of reality , you need it.