Friday, January 09, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

The UN Security Council, sans US vote, declared that Israel pull back fire from Gaza.

The UN Security Council, sans US, is empty-headed once again. Yet they embraced one another, congratulated one another and pointed toward the horizon’s silver lining.

As if the UN Security Council has a God-wish by which to swath peace across the eastern Mediterranean. Such hubris. And this is what we grassroots have to depend on for wisdom at the UN Security Council?

To wake up on another morning with such lame decisions from supposed world leaders is another confirmation that there is much lopsided with the globe.

In the face of the UN Security Council declaration, in reality Jews in Israel are to sit by while they are trashed by Hamas’ killing machine. Justice, anyone? Logic, anyone?

“In Israel's first official response to the (UN Security Council) resolution, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office said the Hamas rockets fired at Israel Friday ‘only prove that the U.N.'s decision is not practical and will not be kept in practice by the Palestinian murder organizations.’"

“’. . .not practical. . .’”

How simply the Prime Minister stated the obvious.

Therefore, on with the Israeli defense of its citizenry and geography. There is no other choice but to put the Jewish neck on the Muslim block for the Allah devotees’ slice through. No other choice.

And yet it is just that choice that the UN Security Council, sans US vote, broadcast to the world as the reasonable diplomatic choice regarding the mess. To this, we welcome the dawn.


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