Monday, January 19, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Filmmaker Spike Lee said that God put B. Hussein Obama in the Oval Office. He is certain that B. Hussein will walk into the White House because heaven ordained it to be so.

Lee says that he can feel it. It is without question. There is such certainty in Lee’s conviction.

However, Lee is not known for his biblical sensitivity or theological learning. Lee is not considered a spiritual advisor of excellence.

Nevertheless, that did not stop Lee from publicly pronouncing his soul witness endorsing B. Hussein as deity’s choice for America’s President.

Per Jeff Poor of Business & Media Institute, “Lee revealed he thought the economic difficulties that are presently plaguing the country were ordained by God to help get Barack Obama elected president.”

Therefore, add to the Lee certainty that God has placed B. Hussein on Pennsylvania Avenue that God also planned the nation’s financial mess. In other words, thank you, God, for two weird blessings wrapped in one package.

“Lee appeared on MSNBC’s Jan. 10 ‘Morning Joe’ and, in an interview with co-host Joe Scarborough, he made the revelation.

“’I’ve always believed, and it seems naive, that God had a hand in America,’ Scarborough said. ‘And I get a real sense you feel that God has had a real hand in this.’

“’So many things have happened – all of a sudden, the economy goes south at that moment, and then McCain,’ Lee replied. ‘There were so many things. It was almost a movement that had to be ordained, I think.’”

So there you have it. Lee the prophet. Lee the advisor for future events and analyzer for past happenings. This is Lee the film designer giving forth the Holy Spirit’s messages to his own spirit.

What is so odd is that Lee’s testimony does not square with God’s Word. And of course if Lee is speaking for the Bible’s God, then what he states as divinely ordained should square with divine revelation.

However, it does not.

Lee’s idol, B. Hussein, desecrates the Bible by aggressively working for slaughtering womb boys and girls. This is not God sanctioned.

Hussein desires homosexual activity to be permitted throughout America as a legitimate pastime. This is not God sanctioned.

Hussein states that reading the Koran was a poetic, aesthetic experience for his own soul experience. This is not in line with the Bible as divine revelation in comparison to the Koran as demonically scribed.

Hussein holds that all religions are one. That is not sanctioned by the Bible’s God.

Hussein embraces Islam as a legitimate religion, holding a long history of being pro-Muslim so that many suspect him to be a mask Muslim. That is not
God sanctioned.

Lee obviously speaks for other than God. If he sincerely means that a spirit spoke to his spirit, that spirit would have to be a satanic spirit, not the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit cannot contradict His own inspired Word. The Holy Spirit cannot cancel out biblical ethics. The Holy Spirit cannot endorse an immoral agenda such as that proposed by B. Hussein.

Lee, check out your spirit. It does not appear to be in line with the Holy Spirit, therefore, your analyses are suspect, evidently.

Read ‘Spike Lee: Hand of God Caused Economic Crisis to Get Obama Elected” at

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