Thursday, January 15, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Two Christian teen-agers in Pakistan were rescued. They had been snared, raped, coerced into Islam, then sold as sex slaves per International Christian Concern.

Sisters Parvisha, 18, and Sanam, 14, were kidnapped by Islamic neighbor Muhammad Irfan. He enticed them into cosmetology training. They ended up his prize.

Irfan drugged their beverages, put a gun to their faces and forced rape on them. If they flinched, they were warned their families would be murdered.

Days followed with rape upon rape. Then the teen-agers were forced into Islamic training, told to “convert” and claimed as servants of Allah.

One girl woke up from a drugged sleep to find her sister being physically harmed. Men were forcing electrical apparatus into her private parts.

Sanam grabbed a cell phone nearby, called police. When police arrived, molesters were arrested.

The girls were taken to a hospital, family was notified, and their Christian pastor was there to provide counsel.

“Pastor Alam then contacted a Christian legal group called CLAAS for help. On December 31, the CLAAS team visited Pastor Alam and his family to ascertain what had happened.

“While they were still talking to the victims and their family a large crowd of about 35 people gathered outside the house. They chanted for the pastor to hand the newly ‘converted’ girls over to the custody of local Muslim authorities.

“The crowd quickly became hostile and started throwing bricks and stones at Pastor Alam's house. When Pastor Alam and a representative of CLAAS went out to talk to the crowd, someone shot at them but hit a bystander.

“Immediately, Pastor Alam called the local police, but not before the mob had seized Pastor Alam's son Sheraz and severely beat him. The police arrived as the angry mob was trying to break into Pastor Alam's house and dispersed the crowd, arresting three people responsible for the attack.

“Since then, Pastor Alam has reported that his son in-law, Stian Akram Khokhar, has been missing. He believes that the Irfan and Mehboob are responsible and are threatening him to back off the case.”

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  1. Anonymous2:53 PM

    In Islamic theology, the world is divided into Dar al-Islam - the lands where Islam is supreme, and Dar al-Harb - the domain of war which must be conquered by Islam.

    The population of the world is divided into Muslims and Kuffars (non-believers). Muslims are superior to Kuffars who are 'najis' (filthy or polluted).

    The Kuffars themselves are further divided into Dhimmis and Harbis. A Dhimmi is a Kuffar who pays the Jizya (protection money) and accepts the supremacy of Islam, and may be allowed to live. A Harbi is a Kuffar who does not accept the supremacy of Islam, and must be killed.

    So Islam is at war with us and always has been, and always will be until we submit, pay the Jizya and 'feel ourselves subdued', as the Koran says.

    Terror is an essential aspect of Islam. Mohammed himself said 'I have been made victorious through terror'.

    So remember folks...