Thursday, January 08, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Bible researchers who believe it to be divine revelation hold that Middle East peace will only be established with the return of Christ.

Scripture states that Christ created the universes, including naturally this Earth. Christ also contains the spheres. Christ will culminate His creation.

Christ thereby offered Himself as this Earth’s redemptive offering—a sinless sacrifice on the cross. As parcel to that, Christ will one day reign upon His turf. The rule will last a millennium. His center of power will be the Holy City, Jerusalem.

Christ’s descent to the Middle East will be at the height of the Armageddon Battle waged in the northwestern section of Israel where many battles have been fought. By Christ’s Word, He will win with His righteous remnant ruling alongside Him in politics (“kings”) and religion (“priests”), to use the biblical terminology.

Christ, the Prince of Peace, will usher in the one thousand year rule over a planet presently gripped by satanic powers. However, at Christ’s return, Satan will be bound in the Bottomless Pit while demons still will be loosed on Earth during Christ’s rule.

Therefore, there will still be sin and death during the millennium for these will only be ultimately dismissed when Earth is dissolved at the millennial close. Death, according to the apostle Paul, is the last enemy to be done away with. Death and the grave will be cast into hell at history’s climax.

At Earth’s dissolving, the redeemed of all time will enter into eternity’s New Heaven and New Earth for the old planet and its atmosphere will have disappeared. The unredeemed will be consigned forever to hell’s Lake of Fire and Brimstone.

At present, Earth is experiencing the pre-Christ Return era. The Middle East is fierce with the old tensions between Isaac (Hebrew/Jew) and Ishmael (Arab). These two factions have fought for centuries; now they are reaching the zenith of hostilities, thereby threatening world peace.

No human efforts will solve the hostilities. Hamas, for instance, is committed to kill off every Jew even if it means every Muslim yielding to suicide in Allah’s name. Therefore, Muslim extremists will never call it quits; it is against their cultic creed.

Consequently, with Hamas and like extremists warring Jews, Jews will be forced to defend their existence until Christ’s appearance.

Biblical believers are aware of all this detail. They speak of it in their home studies and in churches. They hear sermons on the topic. They compare daily news with Scripture on an ongoing journey.

Biblical believers are quite knowledgeable concerning prophetic passages in Ezekiel, Daniel, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, the letters of Paul and the Book of Revelation.

What Christ set forth in Matthew, Mark and Luke is the literalism of what Christ presented in a symbolic vision scribed by the apostle John in the Book of Revelation.

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