Wednesday, January 07, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Everybody is scrambling to put peace in place in the Middle East mess.

The chiefs are gathering. They are bobbing heads. They are peace-leaf carrying.

Egypt is among them. How sweet? Not so sweet.

Hamas’ killing machine is fed constantly by Egypt’s border gaps. Killing fodder is smuggled from Egypt into Gaza 24 / 7. Why? To level Israel.

So how sweet-faced can Egypt continue to appear as part of the dove-communication team flying in for the tranquility cover protecting the eastern edge of the Mediterranean?

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says it simply. The reason? So much of what the complicated mess is about is simply put. It’s simply solved. It’s simply analyzed.

Simply put: Hamas is a killing machine bent on slaughtering every Jew, slamming them as “pigs and monkeys,” brainwashing their PA children with such inhumane indoctrination.

So once Hamas gives up its devilment for actual peace, teaching their next generation that mortals on the planet are to be treated with respect, then Israel can put down its armor.

Now is that so complicated? Seems simple to me.

In the meantime, Israel keeps to its basic replies to the power heads wobbling about Jerusalem, most of them from foreign lands, most of them having no courage to slap Hamas off the Earth.

Hear the simply put Olmert: "It (that is, the defending of Israel via military might) will stop when the conditions that are essential for Israel's security are met.

“First and foremost, all terrorist operations against us must stop.

“The strengthening of the terrorist organizations via the smuggling of war material from Egypt into Gaza must also

Now what is so complex about those three sentences?

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