Saturday, January 03, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Israel knows that pro-Muslim B. Hussein Obama will desert Israel.

Therefore, while the United States is in practicality in between presidents, Israel is taking full advantage of taking care of Israel’s enemy—Hamas specifically.

Israel knows that B. Hussein will not do anything worthwhile for Israel since B. Hussein has a long term alliance with Muslims, beginning in his own Illinois political district.

B. Hussein employed Muslims on the campaign trail. He employs them in his Congressional office.

B. Hussein has been mentored over twenty years by pro-Muslim anti-Jew anti-white Jeremiah Wright.

B. Hussein’s close friend is Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam leader at Illinois’ headquarters.

B. Hussein is believed by many Americans as a mask Muslim, his wife, Michelle, being the same.

B. Hussein’s Muslim tie with cousin Kenyan presidential hopeful is even more alarming in that this cousin espouses the dreaded sharia so-called justice and legal system.

B. Hussein was schooled in Muslim environs, praises the Koran as poetic aesthetics and is supported by Muslim leaders and Islamic grassroots worldwide.

How could this pro-Muslim United States President then ever give genuine support to Israel? He cannot do that.

Therefore, Israel knows that before the January 20 inauguration for B. Hussen, Israel must show its power to preserve its own existence for B. Hussein will reveal himself as the enemy to Israel.

However, there is grassroots support for Israel throughout America. With B. Hussein reticent in supporting Israel, he will disassociate himself all the more from America’s grassroots Republic loyalists.

With that, and numerous others estrangements, B. Hussein will begin his reign on an extremely shaky footing. That will bring down B. Hussein in time.

B. Hussein will not last as the President of the United States. He will not serve full term. He will be exposed for the charlatan that he is. He will be revealed as THE enemy to the nation.

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    I agree totally.