Saturday, January 17, 2009


J. Grant swank, Jr.

To be Christian in Iraq continues to be bait for Allah devotees to maim or murder.

Threatening letters are sent to Christian families. Their houses are destroyed. Their churches are burnt to the ground.

Christians in Iraq are considered archenemies to Allah. Therefore, Muslims are intent on ridding the country of any Christ disciples per AsiaNews.

“The situation for Christians there is still tragic.

“In (one month alone) alone 16 faithful were killed and 2000 families forced to flee. Groups linked to Al-Qaeda are operative in the area, targeting Christians in killing sprees, destroying their homes
and properties, threatening them with letters, abductions and attacks.

“A hate campaign perfectly constructed to drive them from the land of their birth.”

What is going on in Iraq is to set the example to Muslims worldwide on how to establish Islam World Rule. There is to be no tolerance for any other religion but Islam, particularly eliminating Christianity. These are extremist Muslims who teach the next generation how to stay the bloody course.

Recently, AsiaNews reported that a “lifeless body of a young Christian was found yesterday by the army in Mosul (Northern Iraq). The abandoned body uncovered in a street in the east of the city was that of 36 year old Chourik Bagrad.”

These discoveries are not rare. Every Christian throughout Iraq knows now what it means to give witness to being a biblical believer. It means persecution maximum; therefore, many have already fled Iraq to safer havens anywhere they can find them.

Concerning the young man murdered in Mosul, AsiaNews media “confirmed that it was an execution style killing: multiple gunshot wounds to the head. His body was later discarded in al-Bakr district, where it was found by police and brought to the morgue for an autopsy. Chourik Bagrad was a Christian from the Armenian Church and his brother works in Mosul University.”

Christians in the know are interceding to God for those now suffering for their faith. This ties the believing family together around the globe. One never knows in a free country when it too could come under the Muslim assault.

In the United States, for instance, there are many Christians questioning if the basic liberties could be eliminated. There is talk that the Fairness Doctrine, for example, could be instituted by a Democrat controlled Congress. That would mean that for every conservative network there must be a liberal one. That would eliminate many conservative telecasts and broadcasts. That would tilt the media all the more anti-Christian and pro-secularization.

Christians throughout North America realize that in Canada much of freedom of speech has been eliminated, particularly any Christians speaking biblical truth about homosexuality. Secularists are bound to call such biblical quotes on the topic “hate speech,” even taking to court those who proclaim God’s abhorrence for homosexual practice.

What is going on in Iraq, in other words, could happen anywhere if Islam World Rule gets hold and democracies acquiesce to Islamic demands when Muslims move into non-Muslim societies.

AsiaNews also refers “that a Christian was also kidnapped New Years Eve in Mosul. The man, whose name we choose not to publish for security reasons, was kidnapped and held hostage for four days.

“He was only freed after the payment of 50 thousand dollars ransom. During his detention he was tortured over and over again. ‘If we hadn’t paid the ransom – the source confirms – they would certainly have killed him. They are criminal gangs, who kidnap for money. The want the Christian’s money.’

“Despite government claims and reports proclaiming that security standards have improved, Mosul remains ‘a volcano ready to explode at any moment.’

“In 2007 Msgr. Paulo Farj Rahho, the Chaldean bishop of the diocese was killed, his body found on March 13th in abandoned land outside the city limits. During the attack that led to his kidnap the three men who were with him for his safety were killed.

“In 2007 the death toll of Mosul’s Christian community was 13: among them we remember Fr. Ragheed Gani massacred on June 3and another two priests.”

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