Friday, January 09, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Suicide belts are tied around Muslim children’s waists. Whole groups of them are put into classrooms overseen by alleged academicians.

These Islamic youngsters are taught early how to blow themselves up in order to bloody Jews anywhere any time.

Hamas gunmen grab their own boys and girls, hoist them in the air, then position them in front of Muslims with guns.

These adults with guns are shooting at Jews with the express intent of slaughtering as many Jews as they can.

Why are the Palestinian children involved? How can innocent boys and girls be locked into the center of this carnage?

It is because Muslims don’t care about their children’s safety. They care about birthing children so as to use them as human shields when firing away at Jews.

These little ones are yanked by adult Muslims, thrown in front of militia, then these children are put in the front line of battle.

These same boys and girls daily are lined up in classrooms. Muslims garb these little ones in military outfits. Then they hand them rifles. Some of the youngsters are no more than first or second grade aged.

So-called teachers tell the Muslim boys and girls that their purpose on Earth is to use those rifles to kill Jews.

Why? What are the Jews called, per instruction from the so-called teachers?

Children answer that question by saying about the Jews: “They are animals.” Sometimes Jews are called “apes and monkeys.”

These young minds are brainwashed to kill Jews with military fire. They are indoctrinated into believing Jews to be scum creatures.

When television cartoons are turned on in Muslim Gaza households, for instance, cartoons display Islamic children beheading Jews. First, the Muslim cartoon viewers see a little Islamic putting the Jew’s neck on a chopping block. Then the Muslim cartoon viewers see the Islamic youth slicing off the Jew’s head.

Mock figures, of course, are used in the show if it is actual Islamic youngsters in the scene. Real figures are depicted if the showing is of cartoon genre, that is, actual humans beheading actual humans.

This is common community instruction in various venues for Muslim children in the Middle East—day upon day, month upon month, year upon year. Gaza homes are used to this as expected teaching for growing boys and girls who worship Allah.

Yet the world is to believe that it is the Israelis who despise these Muslim children. The UN Security Council laid all blame on Israel for protecting itself from Muslim rockets.

Street protests are held throughout the world as Muslims scream to the skies that their little ones are being extinguished by heartless Israelis.

Certain world leaders castigate Israel for standing firm in protecting its own borders against Muslim slayers.

How can anyone believe the wails of Middle East Muslims when they rear children to hate, to kill, and to extinguish Jews worldwide, thus bringing about Islam World Rule?


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