Thursday, January 01, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

God in Christ is Alpha and Omega—the Start and the Finish.

As long as we keep the faith in God, God keeps us.

His promise is faith, hope and love. Starting a New Year brings together this trilogy so that no dark powers can overcome. No temporary lulls can convince us that we are doomed. Nothing can rob us of the fact that faith yields God’s fulfillment.

Newsfeeds are constantly hammering us with the latest threats and disappointments. Sometimes they are right on. Other times they are overblown for media’s sake.

Whatever the case, God is still working through history with the major lines. Mortals write only the minor lines. God’s gift of free will permits the minor lines to mortals, many of those lines bloody and foreboding. However, even in the spiritually fallen sphere we inhabit, those with faith, hope and love win out in the end.

God has never provided His own with promises that He has broken. God’s integrity cannot permit failure for His grace children. God’s own nature precludes victory for those who keep the faith, hope and love.

This year latch on to this threesome every day, starting every waking hour with the eternal facts presented us by Creator God.

Instead of spending hours upon hours ingesting depressing newsfeeds, spend as much time in God’s Word. There you will discover so many uplifting promises that your soul will be blessed to overflowing. “My cup runneth over” will be your witness.

Do believers spend too much time in the depressing newsfeeds? I would wager that they do. I would conclude that believers especially want to remain informed concerning world events. They want top be in the know. They do not want to lag concerning prophetic fulfillment as well as the current warfare between good and evil.

And that is as it should be. Believers should be at the front of the line when it comes to informing the intellect on what is going on throughout the planet.

But at the same time, believers need to start and finish their newsfeed intake with God’s Word—laden with faith, hope and love. There it is that we come upon repeatedly the riches of the Eternal. It is so necessary for the believer to intersect the earthly with the Eternal.

This year, promise yourself to so digest faith, hope and love that it will flow as a fountain from your soul to others. In that, you will have spelled out clearly every New Year’s resolution worthwhile as well as renewed your own spirit.

Faith, hope and love are there. Secure yourself to them and live a new life as you have never lived it before.

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