Saturday, January 24, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“President Barack Obama on Friday struck down the Bush administration's ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide abortion information” per AP.

Right from the start, B. Hussein cut down an archenemy: defenseless babies in females’ wombs.

That brought cheers from womb-baby-killers worldwide. Liberals were ecstatic. Finally, women can destroy humans in their bodies that they brought into existence. The President has given such encouragement throughout the nation, throughout the planet.

It was as if B. Hussein was salivating at the first chance possible to put his signature on such a murder policy. Now is he happy this Lord’s Day approaching as he continues to recall his head nodding in assent while “Amazing Grace” was sung at Washington Cathedral as part of his inaugural events?

Now is his soul content as he continues to tell the world that he is “Christian” and was touched by God when he walked to the front of the United Church of Christ (Congregational) upon Jeremiah Wright’s invitation years ago?

Will B. Hussein continue to court evangelicals as he did with gospel concerts in the South during his campaign? Will he continue to build cordial bridges with the likes of Pastor Rick Warner? Will he give forth his religious litany of “the Lord” told him to be of service to others?

At the same time, will B. Hussein shine those pearly whites every time the press exudes photos of him and his daughters frolicking about having fun while his pen scratched out the lives of other little ones in the womb?

Will B. Hussein play up to biblical believers by still tucking into his speeches quotes from Scripture in an attempt to placate the unwary? Will he continues to use “God” in his addresses in order to appear God-fearing while slicing through God’s abhorrence of abortion?

Will genuine Christians who were in the ten million-plus at the inauguration still hold onto B. Hussein as worth the presidency?

Will biblical black preachers finally come to the fore for Christ’s sake in order to declare that the President of their own color is a disgrace to Christ’s moral base? Or will Black Liberation Theology continue to desecrate the black pulpits throughout America with cultic teachings that fly in the face of biblical truths?

B. Hussein now stands as the major leader for slaughtering innocent children. Yet in his inaugural address he stated that those planning on slaughtering innocents will be put down by American forces. However, he double speaks, per usual, for he is a mask Muslim who can lie in order to further Islam World Rule.

His lies will continue to flow from the Oval Office. It is part and parcel of who B. Hussein actually is.

The conservative press is doing its job by getting out facts about his first days in office. Now will B. Hussein conjure up with Congress the total squelching of freedom of speech in America? It could happen.

He’s already laid into Rush Limbaugh. Will the Fairness Doctrine come next—and soon? There were those in the conservative media who gave B. Hussein the benefit of the doubt in his not signing the pro-abortion document in his first week. Well, guess what?