Tuesday, January 27, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

B. Hussein Obama has shown the world that he is right in line with the Democrat Party of death’s agenda.

He has attacked his chief foes—the defenseless womb babies, signing the edict that they be slain worldwide via American tax moneys.

Now he’s going to set loose his own—the killers holed up in Guantanamo. The purpose: to show to the planet the “softer side of the War on Terror.”

Now here is an example of one of Guantanamo’s graduates. This genre will be multiplied over and over again as B. Hussein sees through his destruction of our Republic. After all, if you can put your name to a paper that slices and dices innocent babies in wombs, you can prostitute your position by undermining the country for Allah’s sake.

According to Stoos Views, Said Ali al-Shihiri has given witness to what his destruction plots are now that he has been released from Guantanamo.

He thanks Allah for the Koran training he precisioned while enjoying three Koran-prescribed meals a day, all seen through thanks to the custody of the United States. He thanks Allah for the camaraderie he enjoyed with other Muslim killers while relaxing in his Guantanamo quarters. He is now at liberty to continue his Islam World Rule scheme.

“Speaking through an interpreter at an undisclosed location in the wilds of South Dakota, Said Ali al-Shihiri, recent releasee and Honor Graduate of Guantanamo, spoke with Stoos Views today about his promotion to head of the Al Qaeda network in Yemen.

“Recently rehabilitated in Saudi Arabia (at once the ‘ally’ of the United States and full-time financier of jihadists world wide), al Shihiri expressed gratitude for his release from Gitmo, his Saudi patrons, and the new spirit of naiveté on the part of the United States government which made his release and that of his fellow prisoners possible.”

Take full note of every detail. This detail is offered via freedom of speech offered to those who seek to wipe us out.

B. Hussein is to ditto this testimony in dreadful refrains from clones of this Allah stooge:

“’What a country!’ he exclaimed as he praised the United States government.

“’One day I am attacking and killing Americans from bases in Pakistan, the next I am taken to your Guantanamo. There I enjoyed a six-year vacation with my fellow jihadists and was eventually released to the care of the Saudi Government.

“’Here I am, the head of my own organization, planning attacks on your embassy and American interests all over the region. I want to thank the Great Satan for providing me with three religiously correct meals per day, daily exercise, the right to study my religion, free medical care, sunshine, and great weather. We certainly did not get this when I was hiding in the mountains and foraging for roots and berries. It was a pleasant diversion from the battlefield.

“’And it sure beats getting your head cut off doesn’t it? Now that I have been ‘rehabilitated’ by the Saudis at the ‘House of Saud 911 Memorial Training Center,’ I am ready once more to kill Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslims who happen to be in the
way, and all non-believers once more.

“’It was an honor to train where the 911 high jackers trained and I cannot thank my Saudi brothers enough for all the work they do to support jihad—whether it is the monetary support, the building of madrassas all over the world, or the state of the art terrorist training. My rehabilitation was so successful, I got a promotion—praise Allah!’”

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