Monday, January 19, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Rush Limbaugh: “I hope he fails.”

Every patriotic American with biblical values must echo this same declaration.

We want B. Hussein to fail in his attempt to spread abortuaries increasingly from shore to shore. He is pro-killing-womb-babies to the maximum.

All the while he posts himself as the wonderful, caring father. There are boys and girls however whom he has slaughtered with his pro-abortion stance. He will answer to the Bible’s God for that. His power is limited. He will answer to the all-powerful deity who holds his eternal destiny in His hands.

Further, B. Hussein embraces homosexuals who want America to bless their “marriages” as divinely smiled upon.

B. Hussein has, along with homosexuals, sliced and diced the Bible so as to accommodate their exegesis.

However, the Devil, knowing Scripture, twists it in whatever way will damn a soul. Every age has its cadre of Devil interpreters. Now B. Hussein leads the pack from the Oval Office.

B. Hussein, a mask Muslim, must fail in his alliances with the Islam World Rule forces. They are bound to make those three words the planet’s end, even to give their lives to the last Muslim to ensconce upon the Earth’s throne an Allah devotee.

B. Hussein has spent over twenty years hugging pro-Muslim anti-Jew anti-white Jeremiah Wright. He has been brainwashed by Black Liberation Theology anti-Scripture premises. He has also locked arms with Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan. There is a host of other terrorist connections that B. Hussein now has in place.

B. Hussein’s wife, Michelle, is just as committed to anti-Bible ethics. She, in fact, is said to “wear the pants” when it comes to decisions in their marriage. “The View” TV ladies should know, sans Elisabeth. But ask Joy or Barbara what they think of Michelle and they will recite the above, exactly what they said on “The View.”

Michelle is still hard bent in her Islam loyalties, her anti-white values, her determination to remake our Republic into an anti-Bible base.

Both B. Hussein and Michelle will align themselves with every liberal force in the nation. They are left-of-left on every issue.

Though they present themselves as compassionate, they have no compassion for womb babies.

None for evangelical Christians.

None for AIDS victims who have come upon the disease via homosexual activity.

None for those who pray for America’s Christian heritage to remain intact.

And none for free religious expression unless it comes from the theological liberal block or the growing Muslim base.

Rush Limbaugh speaks reality when he says publicly that he wishes B. Hussein to fail. Every thinking, moral citizen must state the same, then work for B. Hussein’s reign to fail soon and surely.

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  1. Ashame that you strayed from your original blog thesis and spew irrational, ancient, backwards, superstitious, religious and dogmatic thoughts. Thanks for showing the same intolerance as Muslims.