Saturday, December 06, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Why have dozens of young Somali men disappeared from the Minneapolis-St. Paul region?

They were here in the United States. Now they are no longer in their neighborhoods. United States Intelligence is concerned, checking out the possibility that they have joined jihadist regimes bent on destroying the Republic.

Jihadist trainees are active presently in Somalia in order to see through Islam World Rule. It could be that these young persons once in America have united with these trainees with the purpose of returning to the United States for underground purposes.

Community individuals are also assisting the United States Intelligence networks in attempting to locate these missing Muslims, also to decipher why it is that they have left America and where in fact they are now located.

“The missing young men have been the focus of some attention since late October, when Shirwa Ahmed, a naturalized U.S. citizen, died in a suicide bombing in northern Somalia. Ahmed was a 1999 graduate of Minneapolis's Roosevelt High School” per Fox-News’ Daveed Gartenstein-Ross.

Many Americans believe that there are sleeper cells throughout North America. These are composed of anti-democracy Muslims intent on destroying the continent’s culture.

These youth are committed to the Koran’s Allah who stipulates that non-Muslims are infidels and thereby must be slain. Only Muslims must remain on the planet.

It is believed that mosques harbor jihadist teachers. One woman attended a mosque to learn more about Islam. She arrived one hour ahead of the scheduled public lecture.

She sat in the back of the room. The Muslim male at the front of the gathering was teaching jihadist tactics to his male listeners. The American woman understood his language though he assumed that she did not.

She heard anti-American lectures, the teacher all the while concluding that only his Muslim male students were deciphering his detail.

When the anti-American lecture was completed, she was then greeted cordially by those who had no idea that she had just been privy to the Muslim underground bent on overthrowing North America’s governments.

It is deplorable that the democracies of the world are not more aggressive in stopping Muslim infiltration. Instead, in some areas these Muslims are welcomed warmly as if they are democracy-friendly.


One cannot be certain that any Muslim conclave is democracy-friendly. Recall the Islamic terrorist doctors in British hospitals who plotted to kill non-Muslims. In other words, the very intelligent, educated Muslims may align themselves with Islam World Rule. It is not just the Muslim gun-carrying males and suicide bomber females who scheme the undoing of non-Muslim societies.

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