Saturday, December 13, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Genuine evangelicals are still smarting from President George Bush’s slap-around.

First, Bush placed the Koran in the White House library. He did so with aplomb and circumstance. It was at a Ramadan meal in the White House. Muslim men with the President ate in one room. Mrs. Bush with the Muslim women ate in another room.

At the occasion, Bush announced forthrightly that he was most pleased to now have the Koran as part of the White House library offerings. That means that alongside God’s Word—the Bible—now stands the antithesis to the Bible—the Koran.

How could Bush ever do a thing like that? That is exactly what earnest evangelicals have been asking themselves ever since learning of the betrayal.

All along Bush has told reporters that he reads the Bible and prays daily. He seeks counsel from the Bible’s God. He worships the God of the Bible when in church. He therefore spoke the language of a biblical believer, in other words the terms used by evangelicals.

However, then this same man—not just any man but the President of the most powerful nation on Earth—esteems Islam and Allah and the Koran. In doing that, Bush canceled himself out as a biblical believer.

On another occasion, Bush slapped around evangelicals by stating to a Muslim that there are many ways to God. That just is not so if one accepts the Bible as divine revelation. Christ Himself stated that no one reaches God the Father but by way of Him, Christ. There are of course many other passages in Scripture substantiating that same tenet.

However, Bush sliced right through that biblical conviction by widening the entrance to the eternal throne, especially to one who has faith in Allah, the latter being assumed by numerous biblical believers as another name for Satan.

As Bush leaves the White House, evangelicals are quite saddened and disappointed in a leader they thought was on The Way. They read his interviews with reporters. They heard his pronouncements on television. They shared with one another the comfort in having a truly sound biblical believer in the Oval Office.

Then Bush proceeded to slap around that very fellowship that prayed for him daily, honored his testimony and thanked God for such a spokesman in political life.

With Bush’s defection, we now have a mask Muslim in the White House. Soon he and his wife will take over the power. They will state that they speak for America.

They are not Christians in the biblical sense. They hold to ethics that are unethical, for example abortion and sodomy. Further, they believe that all regions should be meshed into one.

There can be no other conclusion reached by evangelicals but that the God of the Bible lifted his blessing from Bush’s doings once Bush turned Judas, not only against evangelicals but God Himself.

With that blessing lifted, the curse settled down upon B. Hussein Obama and colleagues who are out to secularize the Judeo-Christian American heritage.

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  1. SATAN HUSSEIN is EVIL. I dont even know what to do. I am also SICK with Colin Powell- I wrote about the JERK today, TREASONOUS! I am very very SAD that Bush LEFT the fountain of living waters. He is like an old dried up skeleton now. It is so very sad what has happened, I just cannot believe it.