Tuesday, December 16, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

God is at work in this global confusion.

Righteous remnant believers are remaining firm in their petitions before heaven’s throne. God is answering. Let the faithful keep the faith. The planet is God’s. He created it. He watches over it.

Our enemy Muslim countries are falling apart.

OPEC is falling apart. Iran likewise. Same with Chavez. Ditto for Putin. Why? Due to the drop in oil and gas prices.

The enemies are not strong, as they boast. Muslim terrorist agendas are slicing through Muslim countries’ strength.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann state that Iran is suffering. Why? Due to the “sanctions imposed by the United Nations, the aggressive efforts of the US government, and the actions of states like California, Florida, and Missouri to ban pension investments in companies that do business with Iran.”

Iran is now having to “slash its budget drastically as energy revenues, the sourcE of 85% of its income, crash,” states Dick Morris in THE IMPENDING COLLAPSE OF OUR ENEMIES.

Iran’s citizenry is suffering due to “austerity measures.” Their kingdom built on the Koran’s Allah, the cultic killing mechanism encircling the globe, is on the verge of economic ruin. Iran’s youth are against the Ahmadinejad thug regime, against the Ayatollah’s dictatorship.

As for Chavez in Venezuela, Dick Morris states that his hold is getting weaker and weaker due to “corruption and incompetence.” That country’s oil output has slid from 3 million barrels per day to about l.7 million.

Chavez did not win his bid for lifetime tenure. “He just lost his municipal elections in the largest cities and states in the nation.”

Venezuela is suffering at the grassroots—food shortages and rocketing inflation.

As for Putin, braggart that he is in seeking to slaughter Georgia bloody, he “faces perhaps the biggest hit of all to his country’s economy. Producing 10 million barrels per day, Russia will be hit the hardest by the collapse of prices.

“Russian oil production has dropped by one million barrels per day for each of the past two years. With prices at rock bottom and nationalization an ever-present threat, who is going to invest in increasing Russian production?”

OPEC’s Muslim killer bottom line is suffering. Those nations with bulging populations under a despot are not doing well at all. “The pressure to stay in power will be so intense that these leaders will force production as high as they can to offset the shortfall. The result is that there will be constant deflationary pressure on oil prices, a vicious cycle that will impoverish all the right people.”

Christians, remain in prayer. Remain in Bible research. Remain in the biblical ethic. Remain true to the God whose ways and thoughts are far above our ways and thoughts.

Stay less in the daily newscasts that forecast gloom and collapse. Stay more in the Bible that is laden with divine promises and wisdom.

God is at work in this world. God is still upon His throne. God is especially aware of the enemies who work to undo Christ’s saving grace, the gospel message.

Read more at DickMorris.com at http://www.dickmorris.com/blog/2008/12/15/the-impending-collapse-of-our-enemies/

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