Friday, December 12, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

It is interesting that this tirade from a Muslim lawyer actually gives away the reality that some Muslims in non-Muslim areas celebrate portions of Christmastide.

That at least is a start for Muslims to begin to acknowledge Jesus Christ. Perhaps the next generation of Muslims will come into the biblical truth regarding Jesus as God. There are those genuine biblical believers who pray for their religious enemies—the Muslims—with the purpose being that Christian love will reach these non-Christians.

Further, for this rabid lawyer to be so hostile toward Christianity is another proof that non-Muslims need not conclude that only barbaric looking Islamics are dangerous to civilization. There are Brit doctors who
advocate killing off non-Muslims. And now this attorney does the same.

Therefore, for non-Muslim countries, it is logical for civil persons to beware of white-collar professional Muslims who are in fact advocating daily Islam World Rule.

“The lawyer, who recently praised the Mumbai terror attacks, urged all Muslims to reject traditional Christmas celebrations, claiming that they are forbidden by Allah.

“The 41-year-old shocked Christians and even those of his own faith by branding yuletide festivities as ‘the pathway to hellfire’” per in “Muslim lawyer Anjem Choudary brands Christmas 'evil.’”

Once again, note that this rant comes from a lawyer. He enjoys free air in his environs. Yet he advocates for the overthrow of democracies and Christianity in favor of Muslims slaying non-Muslims as infidel throwaways.

At this Christmastide, he takes advantage of his Koran devotion by slamming Christian celebrations concerning Christ’s birth.

“Choudary, who is chairman of the Society of Muslim Lawyers, ruled out all celebrations, including having a Christmas tree, decorating the house or eating turkey.

“In the sermon posted on an Islamic website, he said: ‘In the world today many Muslims, especially those residing in western countries, are exposed to the evil celebration Christmas.

"’Many take part in the festival celebrations by having Christmas turkey dinners.’”

Now that is interesting in that this ardent Allah devotee admits that there are Muslims who take part in certain dimensions of Christian celebrations. That is an open door for these persons to come to personal salvation through Christ’s Holy Spirit dealing with their individual souls in conviction.

Choudary goes on: “’Decorating the house, purchasing Christmas trees or having Christmas turkey meals are completely prohibited by Allah.

“’Many still practice this corrupt celebration as a remembrance of the birth of Jesus.

“’How can a Muslim possibly approve or participate in such a practice that bases itself on the notion Allah has an offspring?

“’The very concept of Christmas contradicts and conflicts with the foundation of Islam.’”

That last sentence is significant in that it explodes so-called Christian theologians who advocate a one-world religion in which all deities are proclaimed the same. This Muslim lawyer at least stipulates that there is no equating Islam with Christianity. May theological liberals at least admit that and move on to the particularization of Christianity because of Christ alone being the only true deity.

The lawyer continues: "’Every Muslim has a responsibility to protect his family from the misguidance of Christmas, because its observance will lead to hellfire. Protect your Paradise from being taken away – protect yourself and your family from Christmas.’

“Choudary is Principal Lecturer at the London School of Shari'ah and a follower of the Islamist militant leader Omar Bakri Mohammed.

“Earlier this year, he led a meeting at the heart of the area where the liquid bombers lived, which warned of a British September 11.”

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