Monday, December 29, 2008

Jews Expelling Jews : The Cause Of Current Events

Look into the eyes of this child and tell me that expelling Jews from land, that Israel won in a 6 day war against invading Muslim armies, is the correct thing to do. Then ask yourself, "Is she safer, now that Muslim terrorists have even more land closer to Israel to operate in?"
This picture haunts me, it has for quite a long time.

This precious gift from G-d, how can any one explain to her , "We gave up land for peace, to an enemy that will still kill us."

Drop the "roadmap to peace", it is not going to work. I hope I never see this childs face in an article online, when the mujahidin strike again, over a flawed policy of appeasement rather than battle.

G-d forgive us, I'm not sure if she will.

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  1. I made a video for Palestine. Unfortunately youtube rejected it, so I had to put it on my clipser account.