Monday, December 29, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

First, Israeli police yanked Jews out of their houses, stores and schools when these Jews were living in Gaza communities.

That was Hitler-like. Jews mistreating Jews has no reason. It is uncivil. It is madness. It is, to speak theologically, demonic.

Day after day, Jewish uniformed police dragged their own kind from Gaza into warehouses and whatever else was available for housing. It was in a barbaric manner that mortals with “Jews” written over their souls should not have had to endure.

What did this teach the young Jewish police about peace and kindness? What did it teach them about their biblical ethic? What did it teach them about building a nation structured on reason?

I could not believe it when time and again these newsfeeds were spewed around the globe revealing Jewish hypocrisy, meanness and purposeful hurt against their own kind.

Second, now Israel bombs Gaza. Once Jewish police pulled all Jews out of their Gaza communities, then Israeli powers-that-be opened up Gaza doors for Muslims to pour in for the take-over.

What did that prove? What purpose?

Then followed closing the Gaza gates day after day so that Muslims could not get to their work, go shopping and visit relatives. Gaza, in short, turned into a dump.

When Jews lived there, it could legitimately be named “community.” There was the whole decent network for carrying on a pleasant life. Then Israeli authorities hammered away, cutting Jews off at the knees in order to turn Gaza over to Allah devotees.

Now Israel is trying its hardest to destroy these Allah devotees. Bombs fall. Houses are blown to bits. Mortals are dismembered and flattened.

The hypocrisy is in our face. It is there so much that tears must fall as blood streaks the alleys.

Christians who claim to be on the side of Jews and Israel have to face truth. What has been going on regarding Gaza is not biblically sound. It is not according to the deity of holy writ. It is of the devil and has been a long, long time.

But then again, before the return of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, much more mayhem will be set loose in the Middle East. Wars and rumors of wars will increase. Ishmael will fight against
Isaac, as of old. Jews will slap at Muslims. Muslims will slap at Jews. Threat and more threat. Slaughter and more slaughter.

How can Christians who know their biblical prophecy side with illogic let alone that which is not scripturally moral? They cannot or they themselves are playing the hypocrite.

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  1. It has been conveniently forgotten how the near-brain-dead Sharon abetted and followed by the cowardly Olmert (or in French "Olmerde") "withdrew" all Jews from Gaza, leaving it "judenrein"--cleansed of Jews--for the enjoyment (and destruction) of and by the Moslem Arabs.

    All this present violent attack by the "nations of the world" on Israel could have been spared her, had the Kadima governments not sold out to the Saudi-Bush-U.S. pressure to "free" the perennially "victimized" Arab Moslem squatters, be they on Gaza, Judea or Samaria.

  2. Now people realize the idiocy of land for peace. I openly state I wish that every member of hammas is wiped off the planet.

  3. Is Israel victim or bully?

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