Monday, December 08, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

India is “Hindustan,” according to one Hindu leader who is out to slaughter as many Christians as possible.

The world media has remained relatively silent regarding the carnage leveled by Hindus against Christians throughout India.

Yet Christians continue to give forth the gospel message that Christ as Savior can forgive sins and prepare a heaven for eternity.

Christians in particular make connections with the lower caste. That is abhorrent to the other castes in India. They despise the lower caste anyhow; therefore, for Christians to introduce Christ and His saving grace to the untouchables in unthinkable,
hence the program to obliterate the country of

Nevertheless, the more the persecution increases, the more Christians share the witness of saving grace through Christ as Redeemer.

What is just as repulsive as the slaying of believers and burning down of churches is the turning of the head by the world press. It is once again the conclusion that “it’s just another story about Christians being put to death.” Therefore, the liberal press moves on to other topics rather than expose the Hindu atrocities.

However, CBN is one religious newsfeed that continues to reveal facts regarding what is going on in India to quell the Christian testimony. states that “some 95 churches were demolished or burned to the ground.

"’They warned us that if we rebuild the churches they would kill us; they would break our body into pieces just like they broke our church into pieces,’ a resident Nabaghana Naik said.

“The man, whose group is suspected of taking part in the attacks, told CBN News that peace will come only when Christians in India stop proselytizing.

"’This is my message to the Christians: Stop your conversions or you will learn a lesson from the Hindu society!’ Hindu Umasankar Acharya said.

“Acharya didn't say what that lesson would be, but his Hindu extremist organization, Bajrang Dal often uses violence against Christians.”

Most of the news knowledgeable world knows by now that the Koran stipulates that Allah demands that all non-Muslims as infidels must be slain in order to set in place Islam World Rule. Therefore, the awake nations realize the Muslim intrusion spells Muslim takeover of many societal dimensions, or at least the pressure to do so.

But many non-Hindus are not aware that in India, for example, Hindus are just as violent against Christians. They are on a par with the Muslim hatred against Christ devotees. Therefore, Hindus continue their antagonism of Christians on every front possible.

Sadly, once again, the world press turns the head, displaying a deaf ear and blind eye to the blood rivers flowing from Christians slain.

For more, read “Hindu Nation: India's Religious Cleansing” at

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