Monday, December 01, 2008


It's the New York Times talking about google censorship, so you know it is a politically correct kind of censorship --but underneath the tuchas kissing, Google admits to massive information manipulation

Google's Gatekeeper NY Times (hat tip
Bare Naked Islam)

Today the Web might seem like a free-speech panacea: it has given anyone with Internet access the potential to reach a global audience. But though technology enthusiasts often celebrate the raucous explosion of Web speech, there is less focus on how the Internet is actually regulated, and by whom. As more and more speech migrates online, to blogs and social-networking sites and the like, the ultimate power to decide who has an opportunity to be heard, and what we may say, lies increasingly with Internet service providers, search engines and other Internet companies like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook and even eBay.

Check out how Google cops out on Youtube aka dhimmitube (owned by google) and their the jihad loving, Military hating leftard police . Here, for example is another jihadi propaganda video showing the murder of US servicemen. It violates several of YT's terms of service, including physical attack, use of explosives, promotes hatred and violence, etc. Please flag it, and any other similar videos from this user.
Iraq War For Jihad

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  1. UPDATE : Iraq War For Jihad video has been removed for tos violation.

  2. I'm shocked to hear about this; surely Islamtube doesn't REALLY shut down those who speak out against islam? I mean, I had no idea!

  3. Me neither USC ;) LOL !!!