Friday, December 19, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

How interesting that Satan even has his own coming messiahs. One is Mahdi, Muhammad ibn Hasan, who will come back to this globe. He is the spiritual descendant of Prophet Mohammed, having disappeared as the 12th Imam. That was in the 9th century when the Islamic messiah was only 5 years old.

The Islamic messiah is waiting in the wings for apocalyptic anguish to envelop the globe. Then he will pierce the skies to reign upon Earth.

The Iranian President is not the only one who holds to this cultic creed. This is the belief of the chief sect, "the Twelvers," within Iran’s Muslim population.

Nothing propels mortals more than religious zeal. Cultic zeal even more so. Therefore, it is a given that Iran will bargain for top rung on the world’s power ladder for Allah’s sake. That will evidence itself with the building of the bomb. Nothing that the UN or Western voices say will deter Iran from its prime goal: Muslim World Empire over which the coming Islamic messiah will rule in universal peace.

Satan has always wanted to be God; therefore, Satan delights in mimicking God:

Satan has his own savior—the Antichrist.

Satan has his own chief prophet—the False Prophet as well as minor ones including Islam’s Mohammed.

Satan has his own holy book—the Koran, for example.

Satan has his own church—the apostate church.

Satan has his own disciples—the ones who reject Jesus as Redeemer.

Satan has his own allurements—sin.

Satan has his own abode—hell.

Satan has his own angels—demons.

Satan has his own ministers—the false prophets in apostate leadership.

Satan has his own doctrine—all that opposes the Bible as divine revelation.

Satan has his own miracles, signs and wonders.

Satan has his own organizational regalia—religious garb, symbols, instruments, furnishings, codes, secret passwords, greetings, publications and so forth.

Jesus predicted that in the End Times there would be multitudinous false messiahs appearing performing miracles, signs and wonders so as to deceive "the very elect." These false messiahs are all around us. Jesus’ prophesies regarding such personages at the close of the Church Age are recorded in the Gospels of Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.

The major false religion confronting the world right now is Islam, a killing cult. Its Mohammed was a demonic messenger. The Koran is a demonic publication mixing some passages of the Bible with the devil’s dogma. Mosque clerics are demonic leaders. Mosques are demonic meeting places. All this is in accord with Jesus’ predictions. In other words, the spiritual war at present is Christ versus Allah.

According to the Bible, Christ will win the final battle—Armageddon. At the close of the Church Age, Christ will leave the right hand of God the Father in heaven. Christ will descend through the atmosphere surrounding Earth, accompanied by an army of angels and the redeemed of all time.

Christ, before coming to earth, will speak. When he does so, Armageddon Battle will cease. Militia will fall to the ground, eaten by vultures of the air. The battle will be waged in the Valley of Megiddo in northwestern Israel—a place where many battles have been fought over centuries.

Christ and His holy entourage will then descend to Israel, His feet touching the Mount of Olives, splitting it in half. This signifies his might. He then will proceed to rule for a thousand years from the Holy City, Jerusalem.

No wonder then that right now the Islamics want all of the Holy City for the their capital. Hamas has proclaimed that all Israel will be theirs, Jerusalem as capital. In other words, Satan again wants to control God’s City—the city outside of which the Savior was crucified as sinless sacrifice to satisfy heaven’s justice.

What other group wants Jerusalem for its own? The Jews, of course, rightfully so. But what other group wants to oust the Jews? None but the descendants of Ishmael—the Arabs, the Muslims with their coming messiah acclaiming their demonic deity, Allah.

At Christ’s Second Coming He will reign over a millenium of peace and holiness. His redeemed with serve with Him, King of Kings and Lord of Lord, as kings and priests.

Until then the war continues: Christ versus the false prophets of the age, the chief at present being Mohammed with his killing cult, Islam, holding forth the demonic publication, the Koran.

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