Monday, November 03, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

NEWS Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch says B. Hussein Obama’s economic solution is “crazy.” His tax policies are not at all logical.

His projection to “hand out tax rebates to most Americans and to increase taxes for people earning more than $250,.000” is not on target at all per Glenda Korporaal’s “Barack Obama 'could worsen crisis': Rupert Murdoch” per The Australian Business with the Wall Street Journal.

Murdoch stated that B. Hussein’s promise to give tax rebates to 95 percent of Americans was “rubbish.”

That’s strong language. But it’s time that reasonable voters get the truth-in-the-face or our Republic will soon be destroyed by the arch deceiver, B. Hussein.

"’Forty per cent (of the US population) don't pay taxes, so how can he give them a tax cut?’ he said. ‘But you can give them a welfare check which he has promised - a grant of $500 - which will disappear very fast. It's not going to turn the economy around at all.’"

Note: “’It's not going to turn the economy around at all.’"

B. Hussein is off the charts on most of his agendas because of the bottom line—he’s not experienced in anything but style and glitz. He’s all showmanship and connections with terrorist ties and the Islamic underground.

As Sarah Palin stated simply, B. Hussein is “dangerous.”

Americans are exceptionally concerned about their wallets right now. Rightly so. Therefore, on that front, when an expert like Mudoch speaks “crazy” and “rubbish” concerning the mask Muslim who wants to sit in the Oval Office, that warning should be shock enough to knowledgeable Americans.

Murdoch “rejected suggestions that Tuesday's US election could act as a circuit breaker for the current crisis of confidence in world financial markets.

"’To some extent it is beyond the power of politicians,’ he said. ‘You are going to find that the politicians
are very limited in what they can do: they can make it worse but they can't stop it.’"

Making it worse is exactly what inexperienced B. Hussein and cadre will do to the Republic. They simply don’t have the know-how. They are jesters. They are shadow boxers. They are superficial to the limit.

The are devilment in the flesh. Not good for the USA.

Read “Barack Obama 'could worsen crisis': Rupert Murdoch” at,28124,24584219-643,00.html

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