Friday, November 28, 2008

Religion of Peace..............


  1. The Muslim terrorists make my blood boil, man! This attack targeted Hindus, Christians and Jews! This is the time for us to forget our differences and come together and fight back against this fanatic Islamic ideology that is causing so much damage.

    That day I was reading an article on how cancer is decreasing in the states. This is the era of progress and scientific discoveries. However, the danger of this era is Islamic extremism. If we cannot annihilate Islamic extremism then they will annihilate us.

  2. Yep... the "Peaceful religion..." Sorry GW WRONG! Now we have a Wahabi C.I.C. GREAT. I could've had a v-8.. And his YES WE CAN trolls.. You know Mud- tell ya- you are SO right when you said to me that they get what they DESERVE.

  3. And yet, the left would have us believe that islam is the religion of peace.