Saturday, November 01, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

B. Hussein Obama in the White House equals an about-change in America as we have never known it.

B. Hussein will cut out freedom.

For instance, the Fairness Doctrine, so-called, will be law. That means that conservative freedom of speech will be axed. In what places? Only B. Hussein knows finally. It could be far more widespread than we now imagine.

In other words, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Glenn Beck, perhaps Fox News and so forth would disappear in a moment. What about religious telecasts and radio broadcasts such as Focus on the Family?

B. Hussein crownship means that liberalism’s immoral grip will rule against liberties from shore to shore:

liberals’ tax increases, calling same selflessness—a new definition of “virtue” and “patriotism,”

liberals’ legislation welcoming millions of illegals into citizenship,

liberals’ mass health care, including to new illegal citizens and families, robbing grassroots’ monies to underwrite,

liberals’ championing of small business loss, employee layoffs, fines to owners who do not provide health care plans,

liberals’ spreading citizens’ moneys to all—communism in another wrap,

liberals’ loss of win in Iraq, opening the doors wide to Islamic take-over there and elsewhere,

liberals’ media coverage maximum,

liberal politicians holding power from local to national government,

liberals’ increase of government supplanting power-to-the-people,

liberals’ Supreme Court placements,

liberals’ school systems throughout,

liberal comics reigning platform center,

liberals’ doors open wide to Muslims worldwide,

liberal “marriage” laws embracing same-gender duos,

liberals’ freebie maps drawing routes to abortuaries from coast to coast,

liberals’ human stem cell research labs blessed with political protection,

liberals’ ties to UN’s thugs,

liberals meshing all religions into one, thus erasing America’s Judeo-Christian heritage,

liberals disdaining of biblical ethics,

liberal theologians counseling political law,

liberals’ secularization of the USA like unto Europe’s godlessness.


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