Friday, November 07, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

This election win was no prize.

To gain the Oval Office in the nation’s present state is grounds for a mental crack-up.

Therefore, for the Republicans to hand over the Oval Office to the mask Muslim is okay. Then with the Dem-controlled Congress, double okay.

The executive and legislative branches will be able to do practically nothing, if zip. The Dem-manned Congress did nothing worthwhile while Nancy Pelosi bragged that in her first one hundred days the world would dazzle. Nancy, you are still zip.

Same with B. Hussein. In fact, things will get worse.

The Boy and his Congressional colleagues will be held responsible.

Then the Republicans can recoup. In that, they can find a genuine, united conservative Republic leadership with a genuine, united conservative platform.

In that, they can get actually organized. The John McCain campaign was no organizational match for B. Hussein. Though B. Hussein no doubt received untold contributions from the unsavory, he got it.

Further, B. Hussein did know how to set up a nationwide office by which to run a state-of-the-art campaign. In addition, he harnessed mob hysteria with theatrics, celebs, and appeals to the youth especially.

The Republicans should learn from all that.

McCain was late in coming. B. Hussein was way out
in front way before McCain could find himself.

In addition, McCain for too long a time was too bi-partisan. He did not hit the enemy candidate with all the force McCain brought up front right near the end. What we heard out of McCain’s mouth in the last three days was what we should have been haring all along.

Then he did not bring together the dynamic campaign
that B. Hussein working for him at the grassroots. McCain’s campaign too often was just plain limp.

As for today’s angst throughout the Republic, there are no words to describe it. That is the package handed to B. Hussein and Company. May they enjoy their breakfast. It is not appealing.

No need to list that angst litany for we all are well aware of it, more individualized than ever with every citizen of the country.

In other words, there are those with logic heads who simply conclude the present situation is impossible. There are too many threatening fronts. Too little money. Too many promises. Too many enemies from abroad.

So let The Boy who promises to change, not only America, but the world, go to it!

Moreover, there is quite the vote block out there who cannot stand The Boy. They have not left America. They are here more than ever.

In addition, B. Hussein’s Muslim ties will surface like crazy. Already Hamas has congratulated him. Kenyan Muslims danced in the streets upon his win. Of course, the likes of Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakan are waiting in the wings to slip right into the White House guestrooms.

Don’t discount the zealot Islamics who are more than willing to tie explosives to their frames in order to blow up B. Hussein. He knows that. His security knows that. Any thinking mortal knows that. By the way, anybody want to sign up for his security team?

Not only crazy Allah devotees but some Americans of crazy-bent would do the same. They need not be Muslims. They can be anti-Muslims who would lay down their own lives to do in a Muslim President.

The liberal media won’t breathe this. Sad. But any brain cell can equate that instantly. Those of us on the streets conversing with friends whisper the possibility to one another. So there. It’s the widespread whisper web.

Therefore, this present national package is not for the Republicans to crack up over. It’s time for them to put their house in order. Now.

And of course they will remember Sarah Palin. She is the drawing card for the party. Liberals love to cut her off at the knees; the more they try, they more powerful she is.

Palin is now definitely part of the American political landscape—like it or lump it. And she has the commitment to Country First to do whatever her servantship personality will dedicate for the good.

Palin has proven herself an intellectual—though liberals paint her as the dumb of the dumb; go figure. She is conservative—reliably so. She is honest—her Christian ethical base holds her solidly there. She is commendable mother, faithful wife, and hardworking public servant, tough and ready.

It will not be long until the Dems will realize they have just cooked up one of the most horrendous win nightmares ever hated.

All I can say to that is: Go for it, Dems. You asked for it. You got it. Soon disappointed grossly, your backers turn on you with a vengeance.

PS: Remember that B. Hussein’s actual birth certificate has yet to surface. He is not a national-born US citizen, the basic requirement for being President. There are those working on this and they don’t give up.

In addition, the liar Boy permitted that fraudulent birth certificate to surf the Internet for months without saying a protestation about its deceit. Not very nice of a Pres-wannabe.

But, friends, this is only the beginning. Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous10:15 PM


    2012 Conservative Resistance Movement:

    #1 We do not acknowledge Barack Husein Obama as President of the United States. [Never refer to him as president because he is not fit to serve this great nation.

    He is not even a natural born U.S. Citizen, as is required to hold office of the presidency.]
    FAKE BIRTH "CERTIFICATION" (courtesy of ObamAntiChrist)





  2. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Not "the Boy" - that will easily be latched onto as racist which hurts the anti-jihad. As a put down it also lacks useful information content.

    Try MSM-POTUS instead. After all he's THEIR product, so let's make sure that folks, at least in cyberspace, always remember it.

    MSM-POTUS. A nickname that gives him an honest opportunity to make good as president, but if he really fucks up, well, two birds with one stone.