Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Michael Savage : A Solution For The Somali Pirates

Every one in the MSM complains about how "Something should be done."

Savage gives you the "Something", that many are afraid to say.


  1. mississippimud,

    The biggest problem with savages idea is that it will make us look evil to the rest of the world, and what if one of the family members genuinely doesn't know or would not support his relative's piracy if he does?

  2. Damien, I'm very thankful that you take the time and visit this little blog. We disagree on this though. No worries, it's ok. Who is "The rest of the world?" and why should I give a rats ass about what "they" think about us ? 17 ships are currently hijacked by these bastards in this region. My friend, that argument would not hold water, when speaking with the family members of those being held hostage. It's a harsh world. Use logic, not feelings my friend. If I came into your house and held you hostage, would you give a damn about my family or feelings? If you answer "yes" , with ALL DUE RESPECT to your argument....


    Take care Damien, I always appreciate your comments, whether we agree or disagree :)

  3. mississippimud,

    I'm not saying that the same rules apply in war time that apply in peace time, nor am I saying that the ends never justifies the means. But we do have to think carefully about how we go about doing what needs to be done. I'm not sure its a good idea for us to be specifically targeting people who could be innocent.

  4. mississippimud,

    There are other ways to go about defending our ships from these pirate Jihadists. For one thing, we should arm the crew, or at least the companies should hire security guards to protect their ships.

  5. mississippimud,

    I just noticed a new Frontpagemag article to day. I think you might like this guy's idea on how to deal with the Somali pirates, at least as much as I do.

  6. Anonymous12:06 PM

    I like your idea, but tweak it a bit for modern times. Put the family members in dry suits and have divers waiting just below the surface with the modern equivalent of a diving bell. Tie what appears from a distance to be large rocks to the family members legs. Lower them slowly while speaking to the pirates through bull horns. Drop them from no more than about 12 feet above the surface. Conceal snippers to take out (at the last moment) the pirates that don't take the bait, but are still drawn by morbid curiosity to the rails to see what the hell's going on.

  7. Dragonlord1:18 PM

    All it takes is to remove the profitability of pirating...
    By killing them in their dens, killing anyone who supports them (women and children), and doing it whether there are hostages or not. Take the ship back by force. Regardless of the casualties, and soon enough.. pirates learn that death is the only payoff.
    This whole hanging the women and children over the side.. that is a lagging metric...
    You have to lead it... by taking it to them. Not baiting them out... we know where they are, we just go kill them.
    Arming crews is necessary, and why it isn't done is ludicrus. They come under armed assault and should be allowed to return in kind.
    Flame 'em, scorch their earth, burn their villages and ports, raze their bodies, just flame 'em.