Sunday, November 30, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

When God spoke Christmas, He gave us His Word.

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us”. John 1:14

What higher gift can be given a person that another person’s word—his integrity, his promise, his very personality presence?

God spoke. Word was created in Mary’s womb. That is the definition of the virgin birth. No mortal can explain it. It is not meant to be explained. It is meant to be received. But one can only receive it when one believes it.

Those who have academic difficulties with the virgin birth have yet to get hold of that divine premise. If there is ever a holy mystery that is not to be tampered with by human logic, it is the virgin birth. Mystery it is. Then leave it at that.

When God speaks, does one need any further implementation? Any further guarantee of truth? Any more than that—God speaks! He gives us His word.

In the case of Bethlehem, the word became baby boy laid in a bag of straw. How unique and beautiful. How tantalizing and warm. Therefore, don’t touch it with human reason. Believe it. Receive it.

When God speaks His Word, He shares with mere mortals His eternal mind. Can you believe that? What an awesome God to share His thought processes with damaged brains as ours.

But God goes further than that. He then invites us to take His mind into our own minds. “Have the mind of Christ.” Unfathomable!

How can the divine thought even wedge into the human brain cell? Mystery. If God says it, then don’t tamper with its whatevers. Believe it. Receive it. And it is yours. You can think the thoughts of the eternal mind.

The shepherds did and so they found Jesus. The magi did and so they found Jesus. Simeon and Anna did and so they caressed Jesus. Do you? And so do you find Jesus?

Jesus, the incarnate Word, missioned out the Father’s Word plan by speaking. He, Jesus, is the One who spoke the worlds into existence. “. . .God, who created all things by Jesus”. Ephesians 3:9

Jesus told others circled about Him that He spoke to them the words of salvation. If they believed, they were saved from their sins and the sufferings of hell.

Jesus declares to every soul at the judgment his and her eternal destinies.

The power of the Word! Words speak worlds into being. Words speaks saving grace to the repentant heart. Words speak souls into their everlasting abodes.

No wonder then that the scribed Word of God—Holy Scriptures—contain words! God speaks so that the Spirit of the Eternal One creates a particular written record that is inspired, holy. By our reading, understanding, and obeying this Word we are cleansed, according to the Word.

Further, impregnated into this written Word is the living Word—Jesus, Author of our faith.

No wonder Jesus could proclaim that He pronounced the words of life!

So it was that miracles became reality by the spoken word of the Word.

“Come out of him!” Jesus exclaimed as the demons took flight.

So it was that Jesus the Word shouted to his beloved Bethany resident wrapped in grave bands: “Lazarus!” With that word, the Word brought that fellow from his tomb.

At the resurrection morning, God spoke the Word Jesus into resurrection body presence for Thomas to examine.

In other words, evidently words count a lot with the divine. He talks a lot.

So when He speaks, things happen—planets show up, souls are washed clean, dead rise from their graves, sick bodies mend, hell is created for the rebellious angels, and so on and so on and so on. It is an eternal Mind displaying Himself by words, the apex being the matchless Word fleshed out in Jesus born of Mary.

Therefore, think to yourself of the power of your own words. You say, “Shut up,” and the child cowers in the corner. You whisper, “I love you,” and another’s heart leaps into your trust.

Consequently, do not take your speaking lightly. It too can create heaven or hell. It can make a world or burst a dream. That is why on judgment day your every word is to be filtered through His holiness for its good and bad influence impacted here.

So it is that others count on your word. Therefore, when claiming yourself to be truthful, you don’t need to swear by any other authority than your word.

Now ask yourself: What more assuring present could God then give to us than His Word—eternal, holy, loving? Yet not only in written inspired speech scribed out as reading material, but just as intimately, speaking His Word onto the soft skin of a baby boy—Jesus.

Christmas is God’s Word—something precious told us and someone priceless given us.

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”


  1. Pookie_Gin11:16 AM

    AMEN, Jeff!! AMEN!!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS or GET OUT of this country!
    You know- we may LOSE EVERYTHING we have got, but if we DO NOT fight this CURSED WRETCHED MONSTER IZLAM back- we ARE doomed.
    I am going to fight, but Jeff- I AINT gonna have the S.S.- Secret Service show up at MY door for "Standing against Obama" in a CHAT-ROOM!!
    NO! I will go out in GLORY in a greater cause, so will YOU.
    What say YOU, obama about these terrorist attacks, EXCEPT you "condemn them" Same ol same ol.. we had with clinton- 8 years of TERROR- and I suspect that islam will grow as this earth gets more sinful. You HAVE to keep going- KEEP GOING. Here is one to make you LOL- I mean think about HOW AMERICANS cant even discern that islam is BAD, but a DOG can..

    See my other post on the blogpress:
    kinda funny lol
    Your FIGHTING friend,
    Pookie-Gin :)

  2. Exactly stop trying to change our country to suit Islam or get the heck out of here. We will be better off without you.