Saturday, November 08, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Dems won because they had a candidate who organized a tight campaign. He involved youth. He managed the grassroots throughout the country.

B. Hussein Obama brought together campuses where students were registered, given buttons to wear and instructed where and how to vote.

He went into churches here and there to preach that he was “Christian.” Some of these were stupid evangelical leaders’ churches, that is, supposed “evangelical.”

He worked early in the campaign. He harnessed moneys from suspected sources from abroad. He
latched onto big pocket liberals throughout the USA.

He lied. He misused verbiage for his deceitful aims. He grew his network throughout Muslim America.

He presented himself as an excellent communicator, spellbinding speaker, playing to the emotions of his mobs. Yes, mobs.

Republicans must come up with a godly, charismatic leader who is, not a liar, but honest to the core.

Reps must produce a nationwide grassroots campaign that brings in the young people especially. They are the next generation that is going to keep or discard our Christian heritage, our democracy instead of B. Hussein’s socialism/communism.

Reps must be able to draw crowds upon crowds, not with the manipulation of words and smoke-and-mirrors promises untenable, but with hard-hitting facts and transparent truths.

Dems won because of multidimensional factors—some above board and others just plain verging on criminal, if not criminal.

Consider the fact that we have yet to see a legitimate B. Hussein birth certificate to prove that he is a US-born citizen. We have yet to know the full extent of ACORN’s fraudulent activities prior to and during the voting process. And so forth and so forth.

Reps must get national leadership at the Republican National Committee that has the state-of-the-art imagination to grasp this country in the palm of its hand. B. Hussein did it. Why cannot the Reps do it? They have to if they want to dump the Dems who will fail in the next year. They will fail in everything they try.

B. Hussein will fail for his house is built on the sand.

The Congress with Dem control will fail for its house is built on the same sand—lies and empty promises with dullards in the seats.


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