Wednesday, October 22, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

CNN reports: “Saudi Arabia has announced that nearly 1,000 suspects accused of having ties to al Qaeda will soon be tried for carrying out dozens of ‘acts of war’ against the Arab kingdom, according to Saudi media reports on Tuesday.”

These are Muslims versus Muslims.

Is there anyone who believes that there is a monolithic block of peace Muslims in the world? There is not, just in case a person had reached that untoward conclusion.

Therefore, when mask Muslim B. Hussein Obama lands in the White House—that is, if he does land there—which Muslim faction will hate him, then attack him, and which Muslim faction will defend

B. Hussein as President will unleash all kinds of Muslim cliques that vie for power.

Take Iraq, for example. There are the Shiites. Then there are the Sunnis. They hate one another. That means that they attack and kill one another.

So it goes within the Allah world under the tutelage of the bloody Koran.

Therefore, logic continuing, a Muslim seated in the Oval Office will be forced to side with one faction or another, quell factions’ threats and then possibly be done in by one of them.

This election of B. Hussein will not be the global peace dream he promises his mob hysteriacs. It will be just the opposite. Daily Muslim factions will demand and then test his offerings. If they are not forthcoming, Muslims know how to bring blood to the streets.

The Obama presidency, if there is one, will be one of the most horrific tenures in America’s history. Then the Republic will wake up to the fact that a Muslim on Pennsylvania Avenue is hell in DC. But it will be too late for the respectable citizens of this fair land for they will not have the control to pull back the enemy.

After all, B. Hussein will have surrounding him Muslims upon Muslims already living in the United States. They as well as foreign Muslims will be yanking at his every turn. Who under heaven will have the might to bring any sense to the utter mayhem that will engulf our nation?

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