Thursday, October 02, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

At 11:41 PM this Thursday evening, Drudge Report poll of the Vice Presidential Debate shows Palin way out in front as the winner.

With 144,663 voting, Biden comes through with only 26%, equaling 36,921.

Palin comes way out in front with 73%, equaling 105,075.

“Neither” came out with 2%, equaling 2,667.

Sarah Palin proved her nay-sayers wrong again. She is intelligent, articulate and principled. She is the American woman in her highest standing.

The liberals hate her.

She is pro-life. They enjoy killing womb babies and defending the slaughter to the last breath.

She is pro-Judeo-Christian heritage. They delight in secularizing America, throwing God out to sea.

She is pro-traditional family. They are for anything-goes family definition.

She is pro-special needs children, pro-ramping up American education, pro-Iraq war win. They are for killing womb children so what does that say about any care for children in any category?

They are for liberal curricula throughout the US school systems.

They are for putting an exit date on Iraq, win or no.

One could on and on.

But the moralists of American know that Sarah Palin is one of them, being one with our nation’s heritage strength.

Sarah Palin and family represent the America that profiles reality in everyday life as well as the persistent optimism for the country’s future.

Joe Biden kept harking back to the George W. Bush days, trying to lasso John McCain to Bush’s loins.

Sarah Palin admitted that there have been “blunders,”
reciting that no country is perfect, implying that leadership is made up of imperfect mortals.

But what contrasted Sarah Palin from Joe Biden was Palin’s unyielding love for America and belief that our tomorrows are rich with splendid possibilities.

Probably the area that Sarah Palin shines in the most is her accent on independent energy for America. She repeats that substantive line time and again because she is right. When she says that that issue is tied integrally with our nation’s security, she is dead on center.

If ever Washington DC needed a change for uniting citizens from shore to shore, it’s this chance America has to vote John McCain and Sarah Palin into office in November.

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