Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Obama is not a “natural born citizen”

On August, 21, 2008, Prominent lawyer, Hillary supporter, former Pennsylvania Democratic Party official and former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General Philip J. Berg, filed a suit in Federal court in Philadelphia alleging that, because of several factual situations, Obama is not a “natural born citizen” as the Constitution requires all candidates for President to be (see and he uses as proof, among other things, the testimony of Obama’s paternal grandmother, a half-brother and half sister who say they witnessed that Obama was born, not in Hawaii as Obama claims, but in Kenya.

Most of these allegations could instantly be proven false if Obama were to produce the original, long form copy of his Hawaiian birth certificate for examination.

Obama has consistently refused to do this and, instead, Obama’s campaign website and his online supporters have offered images of a shorter Hawaiian “certificate of live birth,” that many questioned documents experts say is a forgery and, doesn’t definitively answer the question anyway.

Now, in legal motions filed in Federal court by attorneys for Obama and the DNC this past Monday, October 6th, Obama and the DNC request that any “discovery” in this case, i.e. the actual production and examination of Obama’s original Hawaiian birth certificate, which Berg alleges does not exist because Obama was born in Kenya, be deferred until other legal issues are settled, in effect, postponing production of the birth certificate in question until after the November 4th Election.


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