Thursday, October 23, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

"I feel like we got a righteous wind at our backs here."

B. Hussein Obama was speaking gloriously from the Amen corner of Virginia.

With the insertion of the adjective “righteous,” the mask Muslim must have concluded he was talking to a Bible belt contingency there in the Virginia landscape.

Pretty nature. Ooohing skies. Autumn wonder. And the Virginians who would appreciate hearing “righteous” to describe the wind “at their backs.”

Biblical believers know that the devil can quote Scripture. He did just that against Christ during the forty days of temptation at Christ’s ministry outset.

So it is that B. Hussein, the mask Muslim, quotes biblical terms in order to cover his arch-liberalism as a theological renegade belonging to the arch-liberal United Church of Christ (Congregational).


How interesting for “Christian” Obama to call forth
an obvious God-term in his euphoric speech to Virginians. Will they be dumb enough to be impressed? Possibly. There have been really stupid evangelicals who have been swept in by Obama’s mob hysteria tactics.

So it was in Germany when Adolf Hitler walked into one sanctuary pulpit after another to state that “Providence” was leading him. He, in other words, was seeing through the will of the God of the Bible with his killing agenda.

Scores of churchgoers actually believed that Hitler was God’s instrument at the time. We have learned since then that the devil made him do it.

So it is with B. Hussein. He speaks God words while cutting up the God biblical ethic. He endorses slice-and-dicing unborn babies. He supports homosexual nups. He wants the Judeo-Christian heritage sliced off from American history in order to squash all religions into one.

Once again, B. Hussein is up to his religious trickery just as when he scheduled gospel concerts in the South during earlier days in his campaign.

Evangelicals: do not be deceived. B. Hussein is not one of you. He is the antithesis to you. Have nothing to do with the devil’s henchman.

B. Hussein is phony “Christian.” He is in league with the Muslim leaders worldwide who are salivating for his win. He is one with the Nation of Islam in his Illinois political district, especially wedded to Louis Farrakan.


Hardly in the same definition as revealed in the Bible. Believers, beware of the wolf standing before you in sheep’s garb. He is not spiritual kin to you—at all.



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