Friday, October 24, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

B. Hussein Obama tries to remain Mr. Cool but markets are revealing their fright over his financial prowess.

B. Hussein is unnerving investors with his economic projects. The markets are saying to B. Hussein that they have “no confidence” per New York Post’s Charles Gasparino’s “AN OBAMA PANIC? MARKETS FEAR HIS POLICIES.”

B. Hussein pushes for small businesses to get the loans they want. That takes for granted that these businesses produce America’s major job growth.

B. Hussein’s income tax up in upscale logins will knock out scores of small businesses. These owners will be confronted with the most extreme rates in years upon years.

B. Hussein’s projection holds “some of the most lethal tax increases imaginable.”

That does sweep into its web the hike in capital-gains rate. Not encouraging news.

B. Hussein would also “expand government spending massively, with everything from new public-works projects to increases in foreign aid to a surge in Afghanistan.”

Now add to this mass the measly $500 welfare check that he tags a “tax cut to everyone else.”

Any reason for ringing the alarms?

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