Thursday, October 23, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“Kellyanne Conway, president and founder of the Polling Company, as noted in the Sept. 22 Newsmax story, ‘GOP Strategist: McCain Will Win,’ said she believed McCain was going to win.

“In the past, Conway’s predictions have been eerily accurate. In the 2004 presidential race, she won the Washington Post’s Crystal Ball Award. Nine days before the election, she predicted the precise outcome in the popular vote: 51 percent for George Bush and 48 percent for John Kerry” per Ronald Kessler of

Conway tells McCain supporters to totally ignore the polls.

She explains how liberals contrive polls to encourage Democrats and discourage Republicans. Because so many polls, like the liberal media, are not genuine, Conway asks McCain voters to sideline poll watching, get out their own votes and remind their friends to vote.

She believes that poll watching can become obsessive. It should not be because many of the figures simply are made up by Obama enthusiasts who want to conclude the election before it’s finished. Therefore, the wise will not bank on any of the polls.

Good advice, especially for those who tend to slavishly scan poll postings throughout the day and night. These individuals may indeed be scanning the bogus statistics put out by Obama bias rather than the real facts.

Conway should know, considering her past predictions that proved right on the money.

“That’s why McCain is still in the running, Conway says. ‘I believe this race is much closer than some in the media are willing to admit,’ she says.

“In the end, white working men, who tend to like Joe the plumber and Sarah Palin, will decide the election, she says.

“In the meantime, Conway’s advice to Republicans is to ignore the polls.

“’If conservatives are upset about the lack of fairness and objective news media coverage, why do they look at these polls?’ Conway says. ‘Why do they allow these polls to dictate how they feel about the presidential election before a single vote is cast?’”

Read “Pollster: Media Polls Biased Against Republicans” at

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    Should The top management of the Public listed company be responsible for the company nearly get wind up?

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