Wednesday, October 29, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Look at the Dem-controlled Congress for the past whatevers.

Nancy Pelosi promised the sky in the first one hundred days of her crownship. She and Harry Reid Produced Nothing. Zip. Zero. It was not all Bush failing. It was Pelosi's crew failing, too.

Look at the Iranian thug president. The other day he collapsed due to ill health. God has a way of taking care of such ungodly powerholds.

Look at the earthquakes and tsunamis taking hold of Muslim strongholds. God has a way of shaking up his planet; more prophesied in the Book of Revelation regarding natural calamities.

If Obama gets in, his programs will fail.

The public will turn on him with a vengeance because of promising the sky. Biden and Obama will be hated by the grassroots, even the mobs that elected him in for the mobs will discover that he cannot produce.

He has no idea what to do with Wall Street. He has no idea what to do with Iraq war.

If Obama wins on Nov 4, he eventually will crumble just as atheistic communism failed in 1991. It went out like a whisper because God saw to it. No army did in communism. It just faded away because God had had enough.

So with Obama and liberals in America. The forefathers' prayers are still reverberating and the righteous remnant means everything to God.


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