Sunday, October 26, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

B. Hussein Obama lacks foreign policy experience.

He was a U. S. Senator for only 4 years. But 2 of those years have been spent in campaigning.

Prior to that he served as a state senator. That totaled 8 years with no noticeable accomplishment.

Prior to that he was a community organizer for 3 years.

When in the U. S. Senate, B. Hussein offered 121 bills. John McCain presented 473 bills.

B. Hussein has little actual hands-on foreign relations experience and yet he claims that he has the wisdom to sit down now with leaders of such opposing nations as Syria and North Korea. No need for preparatory modes prior to sitting at the same table with obvious foes to our existence, just sitting near their bodies to presto into the air pleasant conclusions.

Somehow, B. Hussein concludes that his personal charisma is wisdom sufficient to bring world peace. He would sit down magically with these enemy nations and wave some sort of wand to usher in astounding accord.

Hillary Clinton said of B. Hussein: “I think we need a President with more experience.”

That is what Republicans have been saying all along. Yet mob hysteriacs take on this Boy Messiah as The Alpha and Omega of foreign policy.

He has been careful in speeches not to provide any specifics whatsoever regarding America’s communicate with other countries.

Jimmy Carter was like unto this present-tense novice. Carter knew nothing really about relating the Republic to other nations, let alone enemy countries.

Carter as President revealed his ignorance. That did not aid America in foreign ties. It hurt America.

It appears that B. Hussein is a Carter clone. Can the United States afford another Carter bungle concerning foreign pursuits?


B. Hussein lacks foreign policy know-how and yet
wants to sit in the seat of power—the Oval Office.

Joe Biden even said of B. Hussein that he lacks experience; therefore, he asserted that the United States hardly needs a B. Hussein in on-the-job-training.

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  1. Obama supporters in the "communities" couldn't care less about "Foreign Policy." What they care about is "sharing the wealth," that is, getting not just some, but a lot of, what they see others have that do not loll about in said "communities."

    The white youth that pine for Obama, would as soon leave Foreign Policy to the old hack Joe Biden, he of the tangled tongue. As long as they get their half-black idol into the seat of power--commander-in-chief, "the most powerful man on Earth--they will swoon whenever he rouses them with his silver-tongued, though empty, rhetoric.

    Common sense does not hold the day, reason does not hold the day, emotion does. The artificial construct called "Barack Obama," a creature without substance, that has much to hide, fills the needs of those who want "change" and a being to believe in.