Tuesday, October 28, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

There are millions of illegals enjoying America’s free air.

B. Hussein Obama would give each of these illegals the opportunity to collect social security benefits.

But more: along with that illegals can obtain a driver’s license.

B. Hussein projects handing over to illegals these pluses via raising our taxes for his health care plan.

Yes, our taxes. We pay for this travesty sketched out by none other than The Boy salivating for the Oval Office occupancy.

This is the mask Muslim. This is the Jeremiah Wright anti-white anti-Jew pro-Hamas protégé. This is the member of the cultic “church plant” uncovered as an anti-Republic political nest.

This is the man running for President who refuses to surface his actual birth certificate while permitting a bogus rendition to circulate the Internet.

This is the double speaking “my Muslim faith” runner who belongs to one of the most anti-Bible denominations in the world—the United Church of Christ (Congregational).

This is the fellow who oversees voter fraud and then denies it as a media glitch.

This is the left-of-left Congressman who joins hands with the Joe Biden leftist in order to form the perfect anti-American duo.

This is the presidential hopeful who, if getting into power, will ax all opposing media, particularly conservative voices via the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.”

If this lover of illegals gets onto Pennsylvania Avenue, kiss America good-bye. Usher in the Middle East Arabs.

“Driver’s licenses and government benefits for illegals.

“Higher taxes for us. That’s Obama’s plan.

“Obama. Too radical. Too risky” per The National Republican Trust PAC.

Read B. HUSSEIN: ‘YES’ TO ILLEGAL DRIVERS’ LICENSES at http://truthinconviction.us/weblog.php?id=P2670

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  1. Shonester (youtube)8:48 AM

    Thanks for posting my earlier Obama video.

    I have a new one called "Obama and the Economy or "Bad Judgement"