Thursday, September 25, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., the Financial Services Committee chairman, projected himself this week as one of the most obvious Big Losers in America.

The man slurs his speech, gums his messages, and looks like a run-away from a Salvation Army shelter.

In addition, he acted like a pompous fruit when assuming that his “deal” was in the bag. He and same-motivated colleagues within the Dem conclave came across as pulling Reps’ puppet strings.

Well, thank God the Reps kept a-mind-of-their-own intact, defending taxpayers and slapping around crooks in Manhattan as well as Dem laggards in DC.

It is time that Americans realize that they cannot have fast-foods in every venue.

We have become so accustomed to getting everything all the time within seconds, that many were salivating for the “deal” even when we didn’t know what it was, had no idea how costly it would be for generations to come and whether or not it would do anything at all to clean the carnage brought on us by sloppy hounds in NY and DC.

So we are warned that the country could crash down if we don’t bow down to Barney Frank and Company. It is smart that not everyone bought into that Friday Night Massacre flick.

Frank and cronies need to be put in their corners and made to cry there for a long, long time. Reps need to stay team members, working for the alternative plan that works for grassroots and not for a lazy Congress and materialistic villains on Wall Street.

After all, Frank and cronies let us get into this mess to begin with. Now they pride themselves to take credit for a “deal.” Never.

So to divert attention away from their total lack of acumen, they try to make John McCain out to be the stunt man of the presidential campaign. The truth is that McCain did in fact put “Country First,” no matter what Dems say about his using the Dem created scandal for his own political gain.

Let them say what they want. The bald history is there. Frank and lowlifes opened up this wide mouth to swallow integrity and honesty. So let McCain dash in with cape and wand to fix it. And may every Rep stand alongside him in the attempt.

Further, elect him as President of the US and put waffling B. Hussein out to his Muslim pasture.

After all, it was B. Hussein who was anxious to stay
in campaign mode while DC burned to the ground. Only because principal of the school Bush phoned him to DC did he show up. And now he still whines that McCain may not cooperate by showing up for a Friday night debate?

B. Hussein has no idea where to put his priorities. He is so self-serving that he reduces himself to dwarfdom. The Boy is truly just that.

McCain suspended his campaign, flew into DC to put in motion what is second nature, then worked around the clock to find a solution to the calamity created by none other than the dumb Dems.

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