Thursday, September 11, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Evangelicals have generally overlooked Oprah Winfrey’s liberal stance on many issues.


Because of Oprah’s humanitarian deeds that set an example of compassion—secular compassion at that.

Evangelicals by and large take to those with a heart, even those who disagree with their biblical moorings.

However, now that Oprah has written off evangelical Sarah Palin, scores of evangelicals are concluding they cannot stomach Oprah any longer. They have had it now that Oprah has slammed the biblically Christian Alaskan Governor.

Oprah refuses to invite Sarah Palin on the Oprah Show. However, Oprah had B. Hussein Obama and family on her Show, going so far as to sponsor B. Hussein rallies that filled one stadium after another.

Oprah embraced B. Hussein. Oprah smiled profusely into B. Hussein’s face. Oprah stroked B. Hussein time and again.

Oprah lies in saying she’s not going to push any political candidate. That is an outright lie. The whole world knows Oprah has kissed up to B. Hussein with every nerve in her body.

But because Sarah Palin is without apology grounded in Christian ethics, Oprah will not touch Sarah Palin with an invite. Never. No way.

If Sarah Palin appeared on Oprah’s venue, Sarah Palin would so outshine and out think billionaire-plus Oprah that the whole world would find Oprah’s prophetess position to be nothing more than fraudulent.

Oprah sits as religious guruess, giving forth religious philosophy as though a theology professor on campus. She spouts forth words about god this and god that, but never being so convincing as acknowledging Christ as God.

Oprah is vintage theological liberal, social liberal, political liberal. Oprah could not tolerate for five minutes a Sarah Palin presence on her stage. The vibes would shove Oprah through to the last row.

Sarah Palin is the real thing. Oprah is the fake religionist and knows it.

Sarah Palin has within her the Spirit of Christ, by her own profession lived out over years. She has nourished that relationship by being biblically savvy on doctrine and practice. Sarah Palin has a family and friends community honing her Christian convictions.

Oprah knows all that. Oprah then is not going to walk into that kind of precision. It would overwhelm Oprah so as to reveal Oprah’s bankruptcy of soul.

After all, a theologically liberal soul is void. It owns nothing by its very nature. That soul is not convinced of anything eternal. All is relative. Absolutes are off limits.

It is all about Me as god.

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